Jon Dumitru on Jihad for Orange Mayor's Office

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Orange city Councilman Jon Dumitru (peace be upon him) has announced his candidacy for mayor in "the slice of Old Town charm". 

OC Weekly readers will recall last year when Dumitru took to his Facebook page to take a swipe at Islam on the anniversary of Sept. 11: 

"It was 10 years ago today, the [sic] most Americans learned first hand [sic] of the teaching [sic] of Islam and the Koran being filled with messages of they killed thousands of our fellow Americans! Today I remember those lost, left behind, and those across the world searching for these [sic] pure evil and dispatching them from this world! WE WILL NEVER FORGET! WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE!"

It makes an Orange High School panther proud. Maybe Dumitru ditched his AP English classes for runs to Music Plus and a Taco Bell chilito. 

On his website, Dumitru touts a score of 96 percent on the (allegedly) non-partisan elected officials scorecard found at libertyfirst.orgAllah help those who land in Dumitru's 4 percent zone.

Here's a campaign pledge: 

"I recognize that our (non-Muslim *cough*) residents want us to keep working hard to look for ways to improve Orange. My promise to all (non-Muslim *cough*) residents is that I will devote every waking hour to making Orange a better place for all (non-Muslim *cough*) residents."

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Is the link for Libertyfirst correct? I'm gettin nuttin~

Occupy Everywhere
Occupy Everywhere

Music Plus.   L.o.l.   I wonder if John was cool enough to venture into Erasmataz.  Looking at his picture.   Probably not.  

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