Jimmy Kha, Importer-Exporter, Found with Rhino Horns, Millions in Cash, Gold, Diamonds

Targeted raids around the country last weekend produced 20 sawed-off rhinoceros horns seized mostly from the Garden Grove home and Westminster business of an importer-exporter accused of running an international smuggling ring, authorities say.

And 49-year-old Jimmy Kha kept it all in the family, relying on his son and girlfriend to help pull off the enterprise, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Now he, his 26-year-old son Felix Kha and girlfriend Mai Nguyen, 41, of Highland, each face four counts of rhino horn trafficking in violation of federal laws protecting rare and endangered species. The Khas were arrested at Los Angeles International Airport.

Besides the horns, federal agents confiscated diamonds, Rolex watches, gold bars worth $1 million and more than $1 million in cash in the raids that also included Kha's safe-deposit boxes.

More than 150 agents participated in sweeps in dozens of states over the weekend to cap an 18-month investigation, which was launched after Wade Steffen of Hico, Texas, and his wife and mother were found with $337,000 in their luggage at Long Beach Airport. Wildlife officials went on to track about 18 shipments of rhino horns from the Steffen family and the owner of a Missouri auction house that trades in live and stuffed exotic animals.

The horror . . .
According to TRAFFIC, a World Wildlife Fund program that monitors the trading of wildlife, most rhino horns ends up in Vietnam or China, where it is believed they can cure cancer, something medical science has never confirmed.

By the way, groups like TRAFFIC and Rhino Conservation are always seeking funds to continue their work. Give early and often at traffic.org and rhinoconservation.org.

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They should just shove the horns up his ass.


Someone needs to chop off THEIR noses so they can see how it feels. For what? So it can be ground into a tea that you're going to piss and/or shit out within hours while the animal goes on suffering? The supreme indignity of being terrorized by the "supreme intelligence" on the planet.

On a side note, this Kha person seems to be of questionable character.

listen up
listen up

If convicted, I hope they have to serve jail time. 


I didn't know people still carried gold bars. I hope he was wearing a bowler hat and speaking broken Cold War inspired English. Orange County is ridiculous.

(The Heart of Darkness reference is appreciated.)


BTW, is that the same Kha as in the Garden Grove vs Kha (cannabis) case?


With all that money you saved at Fresh&Easy, you might consider giving too. 

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