2 Teens Held in 2010 Murder of Artists Village Bar Patron Jeffrey Lee Chung

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Jeffrey Lee Chung
Police have made arrests in October 2010's murder of Jeffrey Lee Chung, an Irvine 23-year-old who was shot to death outside a bar in the Artists Village area of Santa Ana that civic leaders have tried for years to turn into a safe and popular mecca for nightlife.

Two teenagers who were 14 and 15 at the time of the slaying--and still are not being identified because they remain minors--were booked into juvenile hall on suspicion of murder and armed robbery, according to Santa Ana Police.

Chung and a friend left a bar to fetch something from a car in the parking structure near the 200 block of West Third Street around 1:30 a.m. on Oct. 1, 2010, when they were confronted by two males who demanded their wallets, pointing a gun for emphasis. A struggle ensued, Chung's friend broke free but Chung was shot in his upper body. He later died at a local hospital.

The shooting shook up the Artists Village, which the city has tried to market as a safe place to frequent restaurants, art galleries and bars such as Proof, Memphis, Lola Gaspar and The Crosby. Indeed, some merchants feared publicity of the slaying may keep patrons away, prompting police to step up foot and bicycle patrols.

As for Chung's killers, all homicide detectives had to go on was a vague description of two young Hispanic men. But in the ensuing months, word spread that two teens were bragging about a string of local armed robberies and the murder. That culminated in a tip passed on to investigators and the recent arrests.

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S.A. Artist
S.A. Artist

Not to mention the brilliant idea that the city(?) came up with at the time to hand over all of the public street perimeter of the "Village" to a private parking corporation on the weekend nights so that they could charge everybody $8.00 to park "safely and securely".   Disaster Capitalism Baby!  Thank God it failed.  Score that one for the Village People. (Not of the Velvet Lounge Variety).  

mitch young
mitch young

No doubt it was Klansmen arisen from the grave who assumed the form of some 'hispanic' teenagers and killed the Chinaman. I saw something similar on an old Kung Fu episode.

S.A. Artist
S.A. Artist

 Matt Coker, in your list of related links I believe you left one out.  A link that shows an article by Gustavo showing municipal gov. decisions gone wrong.  I am sure it was not for the first time in the Artists Village something like this happened and probably not for the last. The Artists of the Village are going to continue their pursuit of better representation on behalf of community. Somebody has to do it. 


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