[UPDATED with Already Out of Jail:] Jeffrey Hubbard, Ex-Newport-Mesa Schools Chief, Gets 60 Days, Probation, Restitution

UPDATE, FEB. 27, 1:58 P.M.: After serving four days of his 60-day sentence, former Newport-Mesa Unified School District superintendent Jeffrey Hubbard was reportedly released from jail early this morning. The judge had previously indicated Hubbard would be freed by mid-March due to overcrowding. That must be some seriously fucked-up overcrowding.

Actually, its a seriously fucked-up legal system, according to the prosecutor who put Hubbard in jail for public corruption committed while the veteran educator led Beverly Hills schools.

"Our entire criminal justice system is in meltdown," Max Huntsman of the Los Angeles District Attorney's office reportedly told the Orange County Register's Tony Saavedra. "It's exactly what the judge expected, that's the system we live in, unfortunately."

UPDATE, FEB. 24, 2:23 P.M.: For those who wrote in condemning the leniency of former Newport-Mesa Unified School District superintendent Jeffrey Hubbard's 60-day jail sentence, get ready for your heads to explode. Besides getting a day off for time served after being booked, it is likely the educator will be kicked loose by mid-March due to jail overcrowding.

Severe overcrowding in Los Angeles jails is being blamed for the early release, as Hubbard is considered a nonviolent offender for misappropriating $20,000 while chief of Beverly Hills schools.

Meanwhile, the school official who received that unauthorized secret stash, a car allowance and sexting messages from The Hubb may get a break on her restitution. The LA district attorney sought $3.5 million from Karen Ann Christiansen, Beverly Hills Unified's former planning and facilities director . . . ahem . . . under Hubbard. The amount would cover restitution, attorney fees and court costs, the DA contends, but Judge Stephen A. Marcus has indicated he'll likely cap the penalty at $2 million.

Indeed, Judge Marcus was expected to do so at a restitution hearing today, but the matter was continued to April 6, when he is expected to deliver a written ruling.

Christiansen, who famously emailed racy photos of herself to a school-district attorney, was sentenced on Jan. 5 to four years and four months behind bars, but she has been allowed to remain free on $400,000 bail while she appeals the guilty verdict.

ORIGINAL POST, FEB. 23, 10:24 A.M.: Former Newport-Mesa Unified School District superintendent Jeffrey Hubbard has been sentenced to 60 days in jail, placed on probation and ordered to pay restitution for misappropriating $20,000 while chief of Beverly Hills schools.

Despite the relatively light sentence Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephen A. Marcus handed down this morning--Hubbard faced up to four years in state prison following his felony conviction last month--the educator's attorney has vowed to appeal.

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Bullyingwarrior, NMUSD COMMUNITY and Kimberly Mimms thank First Lady Anne Gust Brown and Governor Jerry Brown to care and take a special interest in our school district in Newport Beach, CA., the corruption and nepotism practices at Newport Mesa Unified School District, HARMING AND DESTROYING LIVES IN THEIR COMMUNITY. How can people we trust, leaders in out district and schools not protect the students, families, DEVOTED TEACHERS and STAFF they are suppose to support, when school violations, laws are broken and not upheld within OUR COMMUNITY.

Let's work together to stop the abuse, have accountability, expose anyone destroying lives of people, especially our precious children, instilling fear by overstepping their power year after year. If anyone can help and solve this travesty it is our dedicated First Lady Anne Gust Brown and Governor Brown.

The most difficult challenge a Parent can have is explaining to their child how the people we entrusted the most to educate, respect and treat our children, families, good Teachers and others with dignity, failed to protect them when coming forward in their school and district reporting complaint and claim process.

We are working very hard to educate, create a bill into law to abolish all bullying, especially "BULLYING FROM TOP SCHOOL OFFICIALS".

People in the NMUSD Community and across the nation will be keeping a close eye on recent lawsuits filed against NMUSD in Orange County, Superior court to understand what this rarely discussed topic is and how many lives are impacted, changed forever and Teach others not to be afraid to take a stand for what should be transparent, standing up for others to fearful to have a voice and stop the victimization and SAVE OTHERS FROM TOP SCHOOL OFFICIALS THAT THINK THEY ARE ABOVE THEIR OWN SCHOOL POLICIES AND LAWS.

Thank you for your help and support.

Bullyingwarrior and Friends


YouTube: Bullyingwarrior

Facebook: Bullying Teachers and Principals

Facebook: Bullyingwarrior

Facebook: Bullyingteachersandprincipals






A personnel commission is a nonpartisan public body responsible for the administration of a “merit system” for the selection, retention, and promotion of classified (non teaching) employees in a public school district. By law, it is composed of three or five members appointed for three-year terms with the term of one member expiring each year. For all personnel commissions established since 1965, one commissioner is appointed by the governing board of the district, one by the governing board upon recommendation of classified employees of the district, and the third by the other two commissioners. (See Education Code 45243 for five member personnel commissions.)

The Commission Has a Threefold Responsibility Commissions have a threefold responsibility:

(1) to cooperate with the governing board and administrators in the quest for competent employees and good personnel administration,

(2) to represent the interests of the general public by providing a personnel system dedicated to hiring and keeping good workers in the service of the jurisdiction, and

(3) to see that classified employees receive fair and equitable treatment.

This three-way division of responsibilities sometimes places commissioners in the position of being mediators between the conflicting interests of employees, management, and the general public. They must make decisions which are fair and which contribute to the overall goal of a personnel program based on merit.

What Is the Merit System?

Personnel commissions are a part of a system of personnel administration termed the merit system. Legal guidelines for the merit system in California school districts are outlined in Education Code Sections 45240 to 45320 and 88000 to 88180 and are based upon the following general principles:

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Bullyingwarrior NMUSD News Alert just confirmed yesterday:

NMUSD is still allowing Specific employees to bring in their baby's during school hours to be watched by other staff at Newport Heights Elementary School in Newport Beach. CA. Why is this school policy still being violated?Additionally, in 2011 it was reported by Parent and family's child harmed by retaliation by another 5th grade Teacher.NMUSD Community and Family still want to know why retaliation to student was not protected by their former Principal allowing the violation to continue for MONTHS, provide UNSAFE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT AND THEN PROMOTED TO DISTRICT?Does their new Principal know this is going on at Newport Heights Elementary School? Could it be that NMUSD School District still DO NOT care school violations are still being followed? NMUSD concerned Parents, other Teachers, and people in Community are quite concerned legal restitution could be in jeopardy if the babies or kids of school staff get hurt at their school that are not enrolled.It is most shocking that this behavior is still going on after being reported a few years ago with NO ACCOUNTABILITY OR REPERCUSSIONS and shattering the lives of a 5th grade student and family in 2011.YouTube: BullyingwarriorTwitter: BullyingwarriorBullyingwarrior.blogspot.com


It is not the job of any School Official to stop bullying of any kind to their student?

It sounds like NMUSD is not protecting the victim from bullying that appears to have happened to David for quite awhile from Newport Harbor High School.

Why is it that this young man and his Supportive Mom are not being protected from false blame.

What investigation has been brought out with the person that "set David up"according to the newspaper, District and confirmed dr the Police Dept. on his Facebook.

I would hope the person or persons involves get expelled and if laws are broken, prosecution and ACCOUNTABILITY takes place!

David needs to be protected and the people and students verbally teasing him need consequences.

ANY PERSON BULLYING, including not only students, but staff employees should have serious consequences an be an example that the District won't tolerate bullying of any kind. It is a positive step that is written recently in NMUSD district website and "some" of their schools in the district are enforcing on home pages on their school sites.

(It should be written in all the websites and included in the contracts when students and Teachers sign it at the beginning of the school year).

Some of the victims were under Jeffrey Hubbard, NMUSD past now convicted, Superintendent should not have felt like they were not protected and safe going to school, in classrooms or working on a school campus.

Additionally, the bullying meetings the Police department are doing are informative very positive and good for the schools.

However, they should not only include students who bully, but Teachers or Principals that bully not just students, but other Devoted Teachers or staff. Everyone needs to have authorities HELP THEM not be intimidated, fearful of retaliation or afraid that nobody will come to their aid and investigate a complaints, commit FRAUD in district and Superintendents office in 2011, confirmed by Past President in NMUSD. Families , kids and good Teachers would appreciated over the past few years if investigations under Jeffrey Hubbard would have been taken extremely serious or at least take a police report without bias, affiliated relationships within the District or NMUSD Communities!

Some of these documented meetings beginning 6-14-11 to the present time can be viewed under the following site:

YouTube: Bullyingwarrior

One of the most interesting NMUSD Board Meeting was the last Board Meeting attended by Jeffrey Hubbard and public input area was edited out for almost 2 months. This was before, during and after trial when public stated their concerns about Jeffrey Hubbard and was soon fired after the Board Meeting. A Parent served a verbal notice to Jeffrey Hubbard and Walt Davenport, past President, current Board Member for not keeping her child safe after reporting complaints and claim with unsafe nepotism practices. There was no accountability, rights that were violated, including school violations protected under Jeffrey Hubbard. Additionally, Susan Astarita, Assistant Superintendent created a new school policy unheard of to this day allowing a 5th grade Teacher at Newport Heights Elementary to be allowed to bring her baby/toddler into the classroom when a front office employee ran special day care Privelages for this one Teacher only. Community wonders why the violation was violated and the verbal abuse, unequal education and unsafe classroom was done to the child in her class when reporting it confidentially to their past Principal who protected this Teacher and later promoted to Superintendents Office under Susan Astarita. It became so UNSAFE for the child from a rarely discussed topic, Bullying From Top School Officials", leaving this Parent fearful of "what next are they going to do to my child in this unsafe classroom with abusive Teacher and School Officials allowing this treatment and school violations not upheld and shocking to believe, join in on the bullying up the chain of command under Jeffrey Hubbard.

Everyone should respect each other encourage their Police Departments and other authorities to help make our Schools and Communities safer and more secure.

People should work together as a team to have the dignity, respect for each other and TAKE A STAND FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE AFRAID TO HAVE A VOICE WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN BULLIED.


News Alert: Bullyingwarrior will be updating the last Board Meeting from NMUSD on 9-11-12. The Public Input area is of great interest to the NMUSD Community as well as the meeting at the Council Meeting in Newport Beach, CA., on 9-25-12. There are many people interested in seeing what is stated by a Community Member named Kimberly and Rose as well!


Stayed tuned in for bullyingwarrior keeping you updated on NMUSD on The hidden and rarely topic discussed:

Bullying from Top School Officials. Watch over the next few weeks on the downloaded Board Meetings in this District.

Watch You Tube: BullyingwarriorTwitter: BullyingwarriorFacebook; Bullying TeachersandPrincipalsFacebook: Bullyingwarrior


NMUSD News alert:The Recent Family and even Family Tutor are hoping to receive written apology from District on the retaliation from complaint on their 5th grade teacher at the time who brought her baby into classroom while teaching class.

Even though it had been over a year not much had been done to have restore faith and trust for the People involved, especially the child in the class that had unjust and unlawful treatment.

The District might have moved on, but in order to heal and be assured the District's accountability to stop any retaliation they need to step back and make it right for this Family first.

Community will then be assured, besides Family that School Policies and unlawful conduct will not be tolerated and consequences will follow!

Bulling TeachersandPrincipals
Bulling TeachersandPrincipals

Will there be a written apology coming soon for the family in the NMUSD under past Superintendent Jeffrey Hubbard? There was a verbal one recently, to parent, but what about one in writing to the family, especially the child.

It needs to happen in order for healing to begin. What about the  Teacher and Past Principal that harmed the child verbally, direct Bullying and not providing a SAFE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT?

Let's see what happens out of respect for the Family and a Child!


Hot News Alert from concerned citizens, teachers, staff, Parents and Children in NMUSD:Wow just looked up YOU TUBE under: "Bullyingwarrior" about the shocking things that happened under Jeffrey Hubbard past SuperIntendent. How could this NMUSD allow a 5th grade Teacher to bring her baby onto campus while teaching let alone into her class while TEACHING KIDS. What a distraction, disrespectful to children, Parents and Other Teachers on campus. Read the story about Hailee not safe at Corona Del Mar Highschool threatened by 3 athlete students to be RAPED AND MURDERED, put things on Facebook and Past Superintendent Jeffrey, Board and Others looked the other way!!!Teachers working at Kellybrooke Elementary School in the NMUSD in 2007 and staff member drinking on job protected by this Principal and District! Teachers and others quit after reporting complaint because of RETALIATION. The man drinking hit a car and finally was fired! Lost good Teachers and Others under NMUSD at the time, Jeffrey Hubbard and others stayed quite............ What is happening to our School District in OC and in NMUSD. Changes need to take place, immediate accountability and these so called leaders need to be fired, like what happened to Dr. Hubbard recently. What about others who are not protecting the PUBLIC, KIDS and District Employees.

Bulling TeachersandPrincipals
Bulling TeachersandPrincipals


Bravo for exposing more of the real story in NMUSD,especially at Newport Heights Elementary offering the free child care to one5th grade Teacher only bringing her baby into classroom while teaching lastyear. The breaking news story is this is the 1st Teacher in our Public SchoolSystem in the Nation that had special privileges to compromise the education ofher students with a front office employee leaving her tax paid job to take theTeacher's baby back and forth from front office back into the Teacher's classroom month after month. The past Principal,supported this knowing it was against school policy, the Superintendent,Assistant Superintendent all knew it was against school policy, Department ofEducation knew it was against policy and others. They all chose to look theother way, create a new policy and stated in denial claim letter dated 9-12-11,from Assistant Superintendent, Susan Astarita under then Superintendent JeffreyHubbard.

"Despite the District's extensive efforts to resolveyour concerns you remain concerned regarding the fact that Mrs." X "preschool child was allowed on the Newport Heights campus during the schoolday. The District has investigated the matter and has determined that, in thissituation, the benefit to students of having Mrs." X "on campus withher child outweighed the alternative of Mrs." X "absence from theclassroom due to child care issues."


Interesting to note all the Substitute Teachers who couldhave worked these days!

Bulling TeachersandPrincipals
Bulling TeachersandPrincipals

Great Points you made on JH.

Go to You Tube: Bullyingwarrior

Watch how things were not handled properly to assure a safe, equal educational and work environment for NMUSD Community under JH, their Board, and President and others.

It will shock you!

Did JH and others feel anything when children were not safe at the schools, lost Good Teachers, Staff and Families with the Retaliation given unnecessarily?

What happened to the lives destroyed, unequal education, not safe learning and working environment for employees and kids?

What about the unlawful conduct of school officials, others covering up and creating new school policies to benefit the wrongful actions to others and REWARDING THE PEOPLE THAT DID NOT DO THEIR JOB WITH SCHOOL OFFICIALS STAYING SILENT?

Bulling TeachersandPrincipals
Bulling TeachersandPrincipals

NMUSD talked about recall at the last Board Meeting with Some of the School Officials who are not doing there job and working with Community.

Public Input with people sharing for several months is good information for Board to start solving the problems and move forward to better changes in their school system.

Actions need to take place to help earn trust again. Let's see what happens in the upcoming months.


WHERE does he have to do his community service and WHEN?  He suspended his Twitter account @DrJeffHubbard after just a few days where he was whining about not being served his food properly while in jail.  Now he is saying he is going to work for all the people who are in prison who should not be there and is going to come out with a book.  His Tweets when they were active talked about his alcoholism problem.  Wow- what a meltdown.

Bulling TeachersandPrincipals
Bulling TeachersandPrincipals

Go to You Tube: "Bullyingwarrior:"for the NMUSD Community and other Concerned People who's lives were destroyed, system and these top School Officials failed their children, families, good teachers and staff in this District.

Suggestion: Recall positions immediately and fire anyone who is conducting unlawful conduct or unethical practices.

Bulling TeachersandPrincipals
Bulling TeachersandPrincipals

News Alert and Actions Taken shared by Bully Warrior and Crusader

Go to Bullyingwarrior under You Tube to see the real story in NMUSD corruption, hurting our children, families, good Teachers and Staff told thru the eyes and words of Parent, Kimberly XX.

When you see something so wrong in a corrupt system how can anyone just walk away and not fight for the safety, equal education, safe work environment  and prove to their child that LAWS PROTECT KIDS AND ALL PEOPLE, especially children with disabilities, People that may have limited resources, Teachers that are Devoted and have Retaliation too if they are not in the Secret Club Called "Power, Corruption and Silence".

Kimberly spoke to others in Community, read stories and was shocked to see not only their family was devastated but so many others. It was important for Kimberly to bring these stories back and let the children and people know their stories and voices were still being heard.

The media, newspapers, internet, Television and radio stations have been gracious and kind to not let these people be forgotten and hearing Kimberly's voice has helped in the healing of her own child and family.

Kimberly experienced the wrath of fear, pain, sorrow, school policies and laws broken.

The pattern of behavior was something not new to her or the NMUSD Community.


See the real story unfold under the past Superintendent, Jeffrey Hubbard that only received 4 days in jail!


 (Bullying from Top School Officials) what the hidden and rarely discussed matter is really about and not do the job they were hired to do FOR THE PEOPLE AND CHILDREN.COMMUNITIES, TAKE A STAND TOGETHER AND ASK FOR IMMEDIATE RECALLS IN THE POSITIONS OF SCHOOL OFFICIALS WHO STAY SILENT AND LOOK THE OTHER WAY.

You Tube: BullyingwarriorTwitter: BullyingwarriorFacebook: Bullying TeachersandPrincipalsFacebook: Bullyingwarrior


News Alert: watch the real Corruption in the NMUSD, under Jeffrey Hubbard not protecting Children, Families, Devoted Teachers and Staff. Watch undere Twitter: BullyingwarriorunderFacebook: Bullying TeachersandPrincipal


News Alert: NMUSD Board Meeting on February 14, 2012 has finally been released.

You can watch Kimberly XX losing all faith in this Corrupt and Unlawful district after speaking for months on Complaints andClaim.

Denial from Complaints and Claim including evidence submitted on 9-12-11 was left at Podium with 9 Copies for Stand in Superintendent Paul Reed, Assistant Superintendent, Susan Astarita, Board Members, including others.

It was stated they still won't receive paperwork concerning Unlawful Conduct to a 11 year old child and family when immediate Retaliation followed. Paperwork was served and date stamped by District Employee, Federal Express sent also on 8-4-11, email copies sent and 2 hand delivered to Katrina Foley outside district office.

Interesting that Kimberly had the privilege of meeting with Assemblyman Mansoor on 2-23-12.

It was asked why the Board won't meet with her and in December it had been discussed with Katrina Foley. They refused and Katrina said I should get an Attorney.

How sad to be have to do this for Accountability to stand up for Kimberly's family and she is also speaking out for others too.

What are these Government Officials hiding and covering up?

They make it so obvious they work together against anyone who brings up a Complaint or claim going thru THEIR SYSTEM.

Is it not their job to work with Community in their School District, Especially known UNLAWFUL information?

Please note there was a typo in last submission for the October 25th Board Meeting it states the year for 2012 it should be 2011 instead.


News Alert: Watch for the email sent to Jeffrey Hubbard not doing his job and protecting the Newport Mesa Unified School District Community.

Why are we rewarding these Government workers who do not KEEP KIDS SAFE INCLUDING OTHER PEOPLE NOT DOING their job hired by taxpayers, but work against People taking stand and NOT staying SILENT when reporting unlawful conduct and unsafe actions to people, especially OUR CHILDREN.


YouTube: BullyingwarriorTwitter: Bullyingwarrior

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

I can't believe this asswipe only got 60 days; Karen Anne Christiansen got four years!!!

Now WHY IN  THE HELL would Hubbard's attorney vow to appeal such an outrageously light sentence?


Bullyingwarrior recently viewed on television the NMUSD from meeting on 2-28-12. It was attempted for viewing recently at NMUSD Website, but did not come up.

The viewing was not uploaded, even though it stated available on date area.

Public Input area was interesting with Parents and Bullying Expert who had written numerous books and spoke on topic to help District to be safer for everyone. The guest was invited by Kimberly to help District and work together for a SOLUTION.

Bulling TeachersandPrincipals
Bulling TeachersandPrincipals

Great Points you made on JH. Go to You Tube: BullyingwarriorWatch how things were not handled properly to assure a safe, equal educational and work environment for NMUSD Community under JH, their Board, and President and others.It will shock you!

Did JH and others feel anything when children were not safe at the schools, lost Good Teachers, Staff and Families with the Retaliation given unnecessarily?

What happened to the lives destroyed, unequal education, not safe learning and working environment for employees and kids?

What about the unlawful conduct of school officials, others covering up and creating new school policies to benefit the wrongful actions to others and REWARDING THE PEOPLE THAT DID NOT DO THEIR JOB WITH SCHOOL OFFICIALS STAYING SILENT?


I am in total shock that this Superintendent, Jeffrey Hubbard received 60 days in Jail not even Prison. It is so disgraceful and the REAL STORY Under NMUSD with Jeffrey is coming out in the news for Not protecting Children, Families, Good Teachers and Staff.

Watch and support the following:YouTube: Bullyingwarrior

Twitter: Bullyingwarrior

Facebook: Bullying TeachersandPrincipals

NewportMesa Unified School District Board Meetings: Public Input Area Under the following dates with Kimberly xx speaking out for the people too afraid of this School District and the Board and Superintendents Office and Staff staying Silent.

June 14, 2011 fast forward to 1 hour 44 min. into when Kimberly is speaking.

October 25, 2012 1 hr. 2 min speaking right after Assistant Superintendent, Susan Astarita on allowing a 5th Grade Teacher to be allowed for months to bring her Baby into class while teaching her class. Horrible because of the IMMEDIATE RETALIATION that followed the Parents child who put in Complaint on 2-4-12.

December 13, 2011 1 hour 8 minutes into meeting, Kimberly, Parent gives verbal notice on the Pattern of Behavior and Includes in claim Jeffrey Hubbard and now past President Walt Davenport for not keeping her child safe and retaliation in complaint/claim Process. This meeting had other devoted Teachers Speaking and another Parent in Public Input that were edited out for around 2 months.

January 24, 2012 Kimberly, Other Concerned Parents Speak.

February 14, 2012 Kimberly leaves Complaint claim with Evidence also denial 9 copies left at Podium. June 14 fast forward to 1 hour 44 min. In or so

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