James Corbett, "Jesus Glasses" Teacher, Wins Divine Non-Intervention of U.S. Supreme Court

James Corbett
The U.S. Supreme Court refused Tuesday to hear an appeal in Capistrano Valley High School's "Jesus Glasses" case.

That means the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision last year that exonerated European history teacher James Corbett stands.

The end!

Corbett's former student, Chad Farnan, revealed that while he was a student in an advancement placement class in the fall of 2007, the teacher made remarks disparaging Christianity, including, "When you put on your Jesus glasses, you can't see the truth."

The instructor later argued he routinely tries to spark classroom discussion with such chatter, but Farnan, with the backing of fundamental Christian legal groups, sued Corbett. Rulings favored both sides before the 9th Circuit in San Francisco decided in Corbett's favor last August.

Erwin Chemerinsky, Corbett's attorney and the dean of UC Irvine's law school, called the final outcome a victory for teachers everywhere. His legal foes have claimed no court, including the Supremes, has addressed the case's core question: Did Corbett violate Farnan's First Amendment rights with the teacher's anti-Christian remarks?

Corbett still teaches at Capo Valley High, where students clubs dedicated to atheism and religious freedom sprung up in the wake of the five-year legal battle. Farnan has moved on to Pepperdine.

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Does Farnan finally realize he was a little pawn sacrificed by the Jesus Freaks?


Then they should have chosen their pony more carefully...wasn't Farnan caught goofing off in Corbet's class a few times?


I don't know but Chemerinsky should be glad the supreme court didn't hear it... his record there aint so hot! 


If you want to be critical of a professor for creating a hostile learning environment I suggest you turn your focus to Ken Hearlson at OCC for pushing HIS homophobic agenda on students. Or is it only Corbett who should be fired because he expresses a view of Christianity that's different from yours? And please don't act like conservatives don't force THEIR beliefs or agendas on the rest of us...look no further than Prop 8.

Michelle Quinn
Michelle Quinn

Is anyone school the liberal idiots of the corrupt court would not hear the case? The teacher is an idiot and he should try debating adults like myself with courage, instead he has chosen a place were he is protected by the corrupt union and with the help of overpaid public workers like Erwin, he puts down the religious beliefs of kids.What a complete moron! He might have won his case in the eyes of the corrupt California courts but no in the eyes of the public....He is a useless, joke of a teacher! 

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