Horrible Home For Sale Photos of the Day!

Snaps photos with tongue; nabs commission
In California, would-be real estate agents have to pass an examination to obtain a valuable, state-issued license.

But there is no requirement that the Realtors know a damn thing about activating a camera or taking a decent photograph.

This fact can have tragic, if hilarious, consequences for homeowners trying to sell their Orange County properties.

There were plenty of nominations but here are today's horrible home for sale photos of the day:

Horrible Home pics 2 13 12.jpg
This photo and the one below are being used by real estate agents in hopes of selling Orange County homes.
Horrible Home pics 2 13 12b.jpg
Click on the category heading "Horrible Home Pictures" to see previous winning photos!

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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Lehigh Acres Foreclosures
Lehigh Acres Foreclosures

When you're making an online listings, the images that you'll going use will play a vital role because this is what you're potential buyers will see once they begin searching for a properties over the internet. I really don't have any idea at all why would they use such photos. Just a piece of advice before selling, you can at least do something to make the house looks more appealing to the eyes, like a simple staging. I hope they'll do something about this.


Scott, it looks like Gustavo stole your washer and dryer. Good luck getting that back.


You mean, the one with all of the frozen burritos? Damn him.

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