Homeless Man Found Swinging from Tree

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When Costa Mesa Police and Fire personnel reached a 28-year-old man who'd hung himself by a tree in the Talbert Regional Park Preserve last Saturday night, there was still a chance to save him. Though "lifeless," the unidentified homeless man was still "warm to the touch," according to police Lt. Tim Schennum.

But the darkness, dense brush and "precarious terrain" conspired to prevent life-saving equipment from arriving in time, Schennum says.

The call of a man hanging by his T-shirt from a tree came in about 7:50 p.m. from the park that is just south of Victoria Street and straddling the Santa Ana River and Huntington Beach border.

"Officers quickly arrived; however, due to the extremely dense brush and darkness, they had difficulty finding the subject," according to Schennum, who said first responders had to cross a 10-foot wide creek, via a downed tree, to get to an encampment area that was about a half-mile south of Victoria.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation was begun immediately upon reaching the man, and attempts to revive him continued for 10 minutes. As this was going on, paramedics discovered they were unable to bring their equipment into the area. The fellow was carried out to a clearing, but by then it was too late.

"Sadly, in the end, fire personnel declared the subject deceased," Schennum says.

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Are there any updates as to who this was?  Very Sad!


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Can we be sure the police did not "string him up'? LOL. oh wait, there was no mention of him being schizophrenic or otherwise mentally ill, but to be homeless he must be mentally ill, right? Oh wait, Costa Mesa Police are attacked by the City Council regularly, damn, it is so hard to tell fact from fiction anymore... So many People are losing everything they have worked for all their lives. It is a pity that such a label as "homeless" seems to be stigmatized as lazy and not self sufficient, but in actuality they seem to me to be totally self sufficient, not having many options remaining. I am sorry this man was abandoned by society and forced to such an end. What will come of his remains? I understand in Los Angeles indigent remains are cremated, and  in time buried in a mass grave in Boyle Heights with as many as 1600 others. I understand in San Francisco such cremated remains are spread at sea. Did Athropos have such a plan for him? perhaps?


You may have seen in my previous comments, this mans name was Robert Fagan. I'm his little sister. Its been two years, and I have just found the courage to read upon what happened myself, just to see if there was anything to clarify. He was loved, and he distanced himself from the family after many failed attempts. I believe it was a way to hurt us a little less. He was a brilliant, fun loving man who I'd wish could see me on the rest of my days, but I believe its what he truly wanted. And I believe he is happily resting with our grandmother.


I am this mans little sister, and I can tell you in no way was he forced out by society, he was loved. And upon visiting the scene, we found a note. He stated that he felt loved but he just hated all around him. He has been battling depression all his life. My family cremated him, and he is now at rest.

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