Burglar Has Good Eye for Purses, Takes 4 Hermes Bags Valued at $126,000

Four Hermes purses worth $126,000 were stolen from a Newport Coast home Saturday.

Because there is usually (read: always) less money in my wallet than the actual cost of the billfold, I guess I can relate?

According to police, a burglar climbed onto a balcony of the home on Marisol and used a tool to break the glass door window that led to the master bedroom. The thief not only had a good sense about the floor plan, but a good eye for valuable handbags. The four purses are worth about the average annual salary of one federal worker, at least according to Rand Paul's estimates. Let them eat Hermes!

The burglar left through the same busted window, according to police, who figure the theft occurred some time between 1:30 and 8:37 p.m.

Here are four Hermes bags, although I don't know if the pilfered purses looked like any of these:

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mitch young
mitch young

Maybe he/she was celebrating yesterdays decision -- a girlie boy has to accessorize.

Denise H.
Denise H.

Those purses are god awful looking. No way in hell is somthing you hang on your arm "worth" $31,500. You would think this homeowner would have locked these up in a safe. Was anything else taken? Sounds like an inside job, a maid, a housepainter etc. Someone who knew those dumbass purses were there.


I suppose I dont wish theft on anyone but if you waste $126k on purses... I'm not sayin I'm just sayin! 

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