Dean Koontz, the Stephen King of Newport Beach, Gives to Texas GOP Senate Candidate

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Newport Beach author Dean Koontz has contributed $2,500 to former Solicitor General Ted Cruz, one of three Republicans hoping to replace Kay Bailey Hutchinson as U.S. Senator in Texas.

Unfortunately for Cruz, his $3.9 million collected so far puts him behind Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst ($8.2 million) and former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert ($6 million).

Fortunately for Cruz, shockmeister Koontz can dream up some wicked stuff to do to the competition.

Koontz has previously contributed to Arnold Schwarzenegger's gubernatorial campaign, John McCain and Mitt Romney's presidential campaigns and various conservative candidates and causes.

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i can never pay for one of his books ever again. 


Maybe Dean Koontz would contribute to my Campaign also!-- I'm Lois Dickson Myers, the only candidate for the new District 36 in Texas for U.S. Congress who has worked for an oil company and in "The Oil Patch" for another 15 years-- and yet this District includes the largest petro-chemical refining complex in the U.S.!  Wouldn't voters want to send someone who is qualified to serve this District?  My "K.I.S.S. America Plan" is all about how we must regain control of our U.S. oil/natural gas industry (of which we lost control due to the Windfall Profits Tax that Congress passed in 1980) in order to survive as a Nation!-- Get Drilling up & running (responsibly) across America, and we'll see lower prices at the pump and JOBS in every sector of our economy! Please go to my Website and donate ASAP-- www.loismyersforcongress.comThe Election is May 29th, 2012.  See me also on U-Tube: Somebody pass this message on to Dean Koontz-- I worked with Dean on the Editorial Staff of our College Literary magazine!-- hope he remembers me-- Lois Dickson!)


That's why I don't buy his books anymore. It's his money and he can do as he pleases with it, and vice versa.

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