Pervy Shutterbug Invades College Ladies Room

Cypress College is reaching out to the community in the wake of a female student's 3:10 p.m. Monday report to Cypress Police that a man tried to photograph or videotape her as she was using a restroom in the campus Humanities Building.

By evening, Campus Safety officers released a still image of the suspected shutterbug pulled from surveillance video.

He is further described as 5-feet-10, heavy set and wearing black pants and a black hoodie, with a red collar showing under the sweatshirt. He carried a black backpack. All of which pretty much describes me, although I own no black hoodie and cannot recall ever having stepped foot on Cypress College.

Anyway, the video was taken as he left the Humanities Building from the north door, heading toward parking lot No. 9.

Cypress College spokesman Marc S. Posner posted the following safety tips for the campus community:

• Exercise caution when approaching or being approached by someone you don't know.
• Travel in groups or pairs, and in well-lit areas at night.
• Report suspicious activity if you observe it.
• Report incidents immediately.
• Campus Safety is located in the Business Building, with an entrance from Parking Lot 1.
• Escorts to and from your vehicle are available by contacting Campus Safety.
• Emergency phones are located in a number of places on campus; they ring directly to Campus Safety and are identified on the campus map with a phone symbol.
• If you feel there is an immediate threat, dial 911.

Meanwhile, anyone with information about the naughty shooter is asked to call Campus Safety at 714.484.7387 or the Cypress Police Department at 714.229.6600.

Here is a larger view of Sir Perv-a-Lot:

a photograph from a surveillance video showing a suspect; description of the suspect follows

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I kno Steven and he is not a bad guy this article is bogus and if anyone knew him they would lol at this piece of crap article and posts. He has a degree bio med eng so chew on that. I kno the story and if a man has to throw up bc he was crinkling and the men's was full then owell. If I had to go and the men's is full I'd go in the women's br too. He looked over the stall towards the front door so he could get out not to peep so stop slandering ppl and get a life.

James Crowley
James Crowley

Probably some art student making a documentary or something like that. 


I wonder if she was going #1, or #2...

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

Ya know, they should probably install video cameras in that restroom to catch any infiltrating perpetrators...


Good point - they should put the cameras right over the stalls too, just in case the perpetrator is hiding in the stalls...

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