Couple That Lives in Whitney Houston's Former Laguna Hills Home Sets Up Shrine For the Late Star

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​Whenever an icon dies, journalists scramble to report on what we like to call "the local connection." 

Hey, we're not above such fodder. 

Whitney Houston, who was found dead at the Beverly Hilton at age 48, has OC ties. Around 2006, the damaged songstress rented a house in Laguna Hills to be close to her drug counselor, reports Aliso Viejo Patch.   

The couple that lives there now, Mike and Mahi Pasha, has set up a cheesy shrine to honor the late star (and, presumably, to try to hike up their home value). 

We're pretty sure this one moment in time of Houston's life won't be brought up at her funeral, which will be streamed live

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what a coincidence.... this guy has just been arrested for drug trafficking.Pasha is the wifes name  guys name is Haminobari. all you need to do is just google him you will see..

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