Citizen of the Week! The Pedophile Uncle Who Thought Too Much

Jose Raul Pineda claims that his massive prison sentence is unfair following an Orange County trial that found him guilty of 20 sex offenses against his nieces.

Pineda admits that when alone with the elementary school girls he liked to touch them, but he disputes that anyone could know his touching accompanied lewd and lascivious thoughts.

His position is that only he can know if he had dirty thoughts and because he said he didn't, then that's that -- he can't be guilty of committing sex crimes.

His explanation to his jury? He'd only been playful and joking when he touched the girls.

The defense might have had a chance except that Pineda apparently couldn't keep his fingers and tongue out of the girls' vaginas or off their breasts and buttocks.

And there was this, according to court records: He demanded that his nieces watch porno movies with him so they could learn how to give him blow jobs.

When they reached their teens, three of the girls revealed the crimes to other family members.

This week, a California Court of Appeal based in Santa considered and, in a 17-page ruling written by Justice Kathleen E. O'Leary, rejected all of Pineda's complaints that his constitutional rights were violated because he was unfairly convicted and punished.


Jose Raul Pineda mug OCW.jpg
Pineda: What am I thinking now, huh?
Pineda will continue to serve his prison sentence dished out by Orange County Superior Court Judge Richard W. Stanford. The first time he'll be eligible to ask the parole board to restore his freedom will be in 2141--about 33 presidential elections from now. He will be 173 years old.

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--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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OC weekly is about the fairest crime reporting outlet I have seen. They pull no punches when it comes to a perpetrator's race. unlike the b.s. of MSM.  You do a crime.. you make the headline.  ..  

R. Scott Moxley
R. Scott Moxley

Ahhh, sweety. I feel your pain. Sorry about your tender sensibilities but I get complaints when I don't write what has been a regular feature for, oh, more than half a decade. If you don't want to read about crime, don't read about crime. I firmly believe you have it within your power not to read a story. You are older than 5, right?

Bill T.
Bill T.

Well, if we ignore it maybe it'll go away.   Or something.

Hey! What's that big ball of fire in the sky? Where did that come from?

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