Do Brea's Drivers Hate Pedestrians?

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​Road hogs are running rampant in Brea.

That's according to one walker who says the streets are not safe for those out for a stroll. 

Sandy Toth, a 20-year resident of the unofficial "city of oil, oranges and opportunity", appeared at a Jan. 17  City Council meeting to decry Brea's drivers and plead for safer streets. 

"I have been walking Brea for over five years. It is not safe to walk in Brea," Toth said. 

She would like to see signs put up around the city that tell drivers to stop for pedestrians. 

"Last week, I had a driver honk his horn at me becaue I wasn't walking fast enough," Toth said. "Also last week, while I was walking along Imperial (Highway), I was crossing Redwood (Avenue), and when I was in the middle of the street, a truck from behind me, sped up and turned in front of me, cutting me off. A couple of years ago I had a truck run over my foot and break it while I was crossing a lighted intersection, causing me to miss work for three months." 

Maybe it's bad luck. 

According to stastics provided by the Brea Police Department, pedestrian injuries have been on the decline since 2007, the last time a pedestrian was killed by a motorist. That year, 19 pedestrians were injured. In 2011, the number of injuries fell to 12. 

Police Sgt. Jim Griffin said residents should call the Police Department if they see trouble spots in the city. 

"Obviously, if the resdents have concerns about specific areas, they can call us and they can make a complaint," he said. "We have a pretty proactive traffic division."

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Bill T.
Bill T.

Hardly unique to Brea. It doesn't occur to the typical driver anywhere to look for pedestrians.


True. I honestly try to be careful, but I have a hard time forgiving people who jaywalk in the middle of a busy street and just expect the traffic to stop for them...or the folks at the shopping center who think it's kosher to step right off the curb in front of a moving vehicle (crosswalk or not). But I've almost been plowed a few times myself, even when being a cautious pedestrian, so...


Yeah... I mean where do they think they are San Francisco? People in So-cal dont walk? only a nobody walks in LA

And Dulany... Be careful hommie your treading on Ferguson's territory! 

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