Catherine Kieu Becker and Lorena Bobbitt, Meet Virginia Valdez

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Courtesy of Palm Springs Police Department
Virginia Valdez
Lorena Bobbitt famously sliced off the pecker of then-husband John Wayne Bobbitt while he slept in 1993.

The case got fresh, uh, legs when Catherine Kieu Becker was accused last year of slicing off the pecker of her husband as he was waking up in their Garden Grove residence.

You know what they say: they always come in threes--or, in this case, Virginia Valdez, who pleaded not guilty today to trying to remove her husband's genitals with a pair of scissors in Palm Springs.

Police received a report around 5:45 p.m. Dec. 3 of an assault in progress at a home in the 1700 block of Rochelle Road. Officers arrived to find a 62-year-old man nursing wounds to his family jewels. As he was being rushed to a hospital for treatment, he accused his wife of having tried to sever off his manhood with scissors. He survived the non-life threatening injuries.

Valdez, 69, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. She's free on $100,000 bail pending a court hearing in April. Meanwhile, she, her scissors, her cutlery and her Swiss Army knife are barred from having any contact with her husband.

By the way, Ms. Kieu pleaded not guilty also but remains behind bars.

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I find it I difficult to believe that if a man where to havetried to cut off his wife’s, anything, that this Matt Coker would be making somuch fun of this crime. I doubt he would be talking about him trying to removeher “womanhood” or trying to remove her “jugs” (as he did when talking abouther removing his pecker). I also, AGAIN, am not shocked or amazed that she wasnot charged with DOMESTIC VIOLENTS!!!

 It’s always fascinatingto me that if a man hits his wife he is charged with domestic violent, but awoman can literally cut her husband in half by shooting her with a shotgun atclose range and not be charged with domestic violent and found not guilty justby saying he “abused” when there was never any evident of abuse.  I also love the comments of women all over thenet saying “him must have done something” as if the  only time a woman is capable of doing somethinglike this is after long years of abuse.

I am also not shocked at how little sympathy or empathy maleVICTIMS of female violent’s continue to received. The only way this authorcould report this horrendous crime is to make it into a joke, I guess as a wayof apologizing for talking about it at all.

So this is what is going to happen. He will claim she was avictim of abuse. The will say “ohh so said!!” she will go free just like allthe others.

mitch young
mitch young

"Meanwhile, she, her scissors, her cutlery and her Swiss Army knife are barred from having any contact with her husband."


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