Deborah Pauly's Political Play of the Week! Somebody Please Treat Todd Spitzer's Wound

Todd, is that you?
Given her rich history of alienating people, it wasn't necessarily surprising that this week three of Deborah Pauly's Villa Park city council members endorsed Todd Spitzer, her opponent in a race for Orange County supervisor.

Pauly has managed in recent years to offend liberals, conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, Mexicans, Arab Americans, Jewish Americans, gays, fornicators, educated people and non-educated people.

Hell, there's probably a corpse that's rightfully mad as hell at her.

But I must give credit where credit is due. Despite the embarrassing endorsements of Spitzer by her colleagues, Pauly wins OC Weekly's "Political Play of the Week!"

Here's why: In a couple of days, nobody will remember the endorsements, but what will linger--perhaps for months or years--was Pauly's ice pick-brutal slam on a TV-camera friendly Spitzer during this week's public debate.

She said this to Spitzer: "You're like the male Gloria Allred. You're always trying to get your name in the news."

The male Gloria Allred?


Did Pauly produced that hilarious gem on her own or has she been on the horn with Spitzer nemesis Susan Kang Schroeder?

Schroeder describes Spitzer--who will likely trounce in the supervisor's race and has made no secret of his desire to follow Tony Rackauckas as Orange County's district attorney--as the practitioner of this style: "Ready, fire, aim."

Of course, Spitzer--a former supervisor, state Assemblyman and prosecutor--has one word to describe his old pals Schroeder and Rackauckas: "Corrupt."

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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too many republicansnot enough government jobsgee you think maybe they might go back to and get a job in the private sectorya know like they preach to everyone else?nah not once they get a taste of the good lifefame, notoriety, not to mention the benefitsthe later is for all you other little people who willing trapse to the poll to do your duty as troll 


Hey Moxley:  Dana Rohrabacher is gonna be on Real Time (HBO) this Friday.

Another Taxpayer
Another Taxpayer

Wow, random comment of the week. Ever hear of a concept called "punctuation"?

Here's some numbers for you: Boeing software engineer $450/hr burdened rate, DOD software engineer $135/hr (before you get all excited this is what's billed to the projects, not what the folks get on their paycheck). Given that both groups have been demonstrated to produce comparable quality products (a proven fact), which is the better deal for the American taxpayer?

R. Scott Moxley
R. Scott Moxley

No surprise! Bill Maher believes Dana's lie about being a cool Libertarian and not a four faced career politician. Let's hope he wears a non polyester suit this time...

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