Rick Warren and Rick Santorum: Once Married?

Whoa! It looked for a second like Rick Warren had come out of the closet--and brought out Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum with him. He tweeted Sunday: "Mrs #RickSantorum once gave me her ticket to State of the Union.She stayed with kids.So we went as Rick&Rick!" 

That wacky Rick. But imagine if Callista Gingrich had given her ticket to Warren. He and Newt could have gone as Rick&Prick! Warren's tweet is an example of what Grantland.com calls the "humblebrag." Indeed, Warren landed at No. 4 on the Humblebrag's Power Rankings back in October, losing the top spot to @fucktyler

Warren's non-winning humblebrag? "After church a guy said 'You have the best heart I've ever seen' I said 'You cant really see it, but it's the worst I've seen'" Damn. Rick's so good, he's the best at being the worst. We'll get to some of Rick's greatest tweets later this week--but for now, his love letter to Santorum.



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