Remember When OC Republicans Loved Rick Perry? He Needs Them in Texas

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Remember last fall when Texas Governor Rick Perry packed 1,000 supporters--including former Orange County Republican Party chairman Tom Fuentes, rising from his death bed--into Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach? Perry also scooped up cash for his presidential run at some private affairs with Orange County's wealthy as he was being portrayed as the savior of the GOP, not as robotic as Mitt Romney, more telegenic than Newt Gingrich and about as teabaggy as Michele Bachmann. My, how times change.

Perry, of course, suspended his campaign two days before the South Carolina primary, saying he didn't see a path to the White House.

Now he's looking for a path back to the governor's mansion.

A new Dallas Morning News poll shows that half of those surveyed in Texas don't think he should run for another term as governor. Of those polled, 37 percent said they have a less favorable view of him following the campaign and 45 percent said that his run hurt Texas's image.

"It's clear it's hurt him," Mark Jones, Rice University's political science department chairman, told the newspaper. "He's been seen as a really savvy politician with an aura of invincibility, and all that's been diminished."

And here's the Texas two-step: Forty percent approving of the job Perry is doing as governor is down 10 points from a year ago--and 3 percentage points less than the approval rating in the Lone Star State for President Barack Obama.

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You guys get your info from a cracker jack box.Wow,really going downhill!

Pete Wagner
Pete Wagner

When politician goes anti-establishment and attacks the congressional and judiciary branches of gov't, the establishment will fight back with their fourth branch, the media (aka fifth column) and he will suddenly look very bad in all the reports and op-eds.  Perry endorses Newt and now Ging is facing the same wrath.  Question is, will Americans accept the Romney vs Obama script?  Let's hope not.  Third party! 

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