Judge Richard W. Stanford Removed from Bench for Playing Favorites

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The state Commission on Judicial Performance has ordered Orange County Superior Court Judge Richard W. Stanford Jr. to step down after determining he waived traffic fines for family and friends. Nine incidents between 2003 and 2010 played a part in the 11-member oversight panel's decision, including one where he fixed his church pastor's ticket.

Stanford's ruling "created both the appearance and the reality of a two-track system of justice--one for his friends and family and another for all others," wrote the commission in its decision unveiled Tuesday.

The judge admits and apologizes for his wrongdoing in a filing HERE.

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Another article should be written about how OC superior court charges in excess of $300 to mitigate a simple moving violation with traffic school, and while the vehicle code expressly states that the judge has the discretion to lower the traffic school fee, the court will  make no exception to refusing to do so. I spent over $300 to appear in night court, with a judge who in the very beginning had the bailiff inform people he wanted to get through appellants' requests as quickly as possible so he could go home. The judge allowed exactly 2 minutes per person, rudely cutting people off, and also stating in the very beginning that he was not a traffic judge and therefore not qualified to discuss any of the details of any particular case. When it was my turn, I presented the section of the traffic code that stated the judge is allowed to lower the traffic school fee, since I have been unable to find full time employment since finishing graduate school in Dec of 2008, and he barked at me "I said NO!" Next case! This judge had also stated to a previous appellant, that he was "not allowed to lower traffic fines, or (he) would lose (his) job."  So not only did he treat everyone like cattle so he could get home fast, he admitted he was unqualified to sit on traffic cases, and talked in an extremely abusive manner to everyone in front of him. This kind of judge should be removed too.


He admits to what he got caught for. It would be interesting to see if the construction company owner that he let off did any work on house in Newport or the apartment buildings in Fullerton

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