Playboy Casting Call Comes To Costa Mesa Next Week

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It's coming -- the famed Playboy casing call, a place where girls achieve their dreams and parents lose their dignity.

The bunny empire is hunting for new talent in Costa Mesa next Monday at a location disclosed only to registered applicants, possibly to keep all the boys out of the yard. Those who make the cut may appear in Playboy TV spots, digital features or the coveted print magazine, immortalized for their grandkids to discover. Over the years, OC has produced Playmates such as as former Real Housewife Jeana Keough (NSFW link), the barely-legal Katie Vernola and Miss September 2011 Tiffany Toth.

Casting call producer Stacy Collins says they're searching for "beauty inside and out."    

"We're really looking for that beautiful girl next door who you might run into at the gym or at Starbucks," she says. "Maybe she was voted 'Biggest Flirt' in high school because she has some sass."

Candidates must be 18 and provide two forms of ID (Collins says they're "sticklers" on the age thing), but other than that, all are welcome. "We get college students, housewives, fitness models, girls of all shapes and sizes." The audition calls for some nudity -- "topless at a minimum," Collins says.

Hopefuls can sign up for an appointment here.  About 300 have registered so far. Hef probably won't be there.

See what goes on at Playboy casting calls:  

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Playboy is cool and all, but I rather see some Suicide Girls.


It’s been a pleasure reading this story. It’s hard to findgreat articles to read today so it’s nice to find good content to read.  Thank you!

Webmaster of Waste King 8000


I expect to see a slideshow!

mitch young
mitch young

Okay, googled it. Edgy, hipster soft (?)core porn. Pretty cool. Thank god for the market, huh , every niche get's filled. There are even, I don't know if you know this, mags and sights for guys who like fat chicks. 

mitch young
mitch young

Ever notice how they (the playboy bunnies or whatever they are called now) look the same regardless of race/ethnicity. Like I'm guessing the one on Hef's right, one girl away from him, is 'black', but man is she both light skinned and plastic. 

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