[UPDATED with Charges:] Oscar Zamora Pinedo Latest Stooge to Fall for Surf City Cops' "13-year-old Girl" Sting

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UPDATE, JAN. 13, 1:16 P.M.: The Orange County District Attorney's office today announced that Oscar Zamora Pinedo faces charges that could have him spending up to six years in state prison for allegedly arranging to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex.

What the Santa Ana 35-year-old did not know was the girl he is accused of conversing with through craigslist was actually a Huntington Beach police officer.

Pinedo, who has a pre-trial hearing scheduled Feb. 24 in Westminster, is charged with one felony count each of contacting a minor with intent to commit a lewd act and arranging to meet a minor to commit a lewd act. He remains in custody in lieu of $100,000 bail.

According to the statement on charges from prosecutors, Pinedo arrived at his Jan. 4 rendezvous carrying condoms and Viagra.

Anyone else smell a new ad campaign for Pfizer?

ORIGINAL POST, JAN. 9, 12:47 P.M.: You'd think by now perverts would know a 13-year-old girl exchanging sexy time talk with them over the Internet before arranging a rendezvous in Huntington Beach is not a 13-year-old girl but a cop posing as one. And yet, like would-be molesters to plates of Dateline NBC cookies, these guys keep flocking to Surf City to fall for the hustle--hook, line and stink finger.

Take Oscar Zamora Pinedo . . . please.

Innocent until proven guilty, of course, the 35-year-old allegedly responded to a craigslist ad that was said to be posted by a 13-year-old girl but was really put there by Huntington Beach Police detectives. I don't know why Surf City cops always pose as a 13-year-old girl; perhaps market research shows that's the age depraved, grown-up men fantasize most about.

This just in: ewwww.

Anyhoots, Pinedo is accused of exchanging lewd talk with the "girl" via the Net, arranging to pay "her" for sex and, around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, driving from his Santa Ana home to an unspecified location in Huntington Beach, where it was not a 13-year-old girl waiting for him with open arms but police detectives with open handcuffs.

Pinedo was booked into the city jail on charges of: communicating with a minor with intent to commit a lewd act; arranging to meet a minor to conduct a lewd act; and attempting to conduct a lewd act with a minor. Like the proverbial ice in the snowcone, I.C.E. also placed an immigration hold on Pinedo's sorry ass.

"Parents should be aware this activity continues to flourish on various online social networking websites and they are encouraged to closely monitor their children's online activities," reads a Huntington Beach Police Facebook account of Pinedo's arrest, which should hopefully serve as a warning to would-be child rapers that they'd be better off keeping it in their pants.

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haha!!! fuckin pigs!!! seriously what crime was commited??? ive always asumed a court is based on facts not fiction. fiction: a man tries to hook up with a 13 year old girl for some awsome good times, facts: a man conversed with a man who is well over the age of 13 and responded to a craigslist ad that clearly states that you must be 18 to post an ad!! if theres no actual minor involed than what crime was commited??? why doenst some sue the h.b. police for intrapment. fuck the system!!! its a fuckin joke!!!


When I was a child a man molested a teamate of my little leauge baseball team during one of our games.  Our Fathers all grab our baseball bats and dispensed justice immediately. This of course today would be consider barbaric, but it was effective


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I.C.E. placed a hold on him?Which means he'll be back on the streets molesting in no time..

mitch young
mitch young

If this mofo doesn't show up in the ugliest mugshots of 2012, there is no justice.


It actually looks like he is pouting. 

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

I was just thinking the same thing. The pouty lips don't look sexy when you're a greasy, creepy paedophile.

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