Most "Outrageous" Lawsuits List Forgot Orange County's Notorious Contribution

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Who would have ever thought girls would socialize with male customers at a strip club?
A national business lobbying group issued a year end report of its "most outrageous" lawsuits filed in 2011.

Included on the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform's list is a woman who sued for $5 million because she was cheated out of an 80-cent refund; kids who sued their mother for not including gifts or cash with birthday greeting cards and an obese man who sued a burger joint because he couldn't fit into a booth.

That's a good list but it would have been great if it had included Orange County's Stacy C. Harris, who filed 15 crazy lawsuits between Dec. 6 and Dec. 23 last year.

According to court records reviewed by the Weekly, Huntington Beach resident Harris sued:

--Green Girls Saloon, a popular Westminster bar, for $25,000 in "damages" because she entered the establishment, heard two cuss words, saw scantily-clad women having a good time with male customers, who were--hold your hat--drinking booze;

--Her own husband for $11,000 in damages because he "fucked" Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and "had a thing with Adam Sandler";

Adam's thing?
--A Little Saigon used car sales business for $17,000 because she believes it employs "a young boy" and the sales staff accused her of trying to steal a car when she test drove a vehicle for a ridiculous lengthy period of time out of the city;

--A Westminster bar for $11,000 because she heard a customer say, "Everybody's fucking everybody" and the establishment's popcorn bowls were "unwashed";

--A local doctor for $550,000 because he called her "a liar";

--A friend for $2 million because he "wrote a check" while she was incarcerated;

--A male acquaintance for $27,500 because he admitted that he is spying on her for Hanks;

--And another friend for $25,000 because she said he called her "delusional."

Claiming she's indigent, Harris has gotten to file her lawsuits without paying a single fee, a California gift to the poor.

Did a box of chocolates arrive in Huntington Beach?
She maintains in her court pleadings that one day in 2008 Hanks drove up to her, got out of his "old beige, Honda-style vehicle" and asked her, "Do you know where Magnolia is?" He also asked for a hug and said, "You're a pretty girl," she claims.

Harris has a message for her doubters: Her courthouse ramblings "are NOT (her emphasis) unresolved psychotic behaviors/conditions."

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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Green Girls and Beach Girls aren't strip clubs. Journalism fail.

They're "bikini bars". No one gets naked. It is like any other bar except chicks are wearing bathing suits.


Dino M. Zaffina , the dart association sue happy maniac ( see LA weekly) should beg her to be his wife. It's a freakin match made in heaven. She's delusional and he's a sociopath, I sense love is in the air!


she should be labeled a vexatious litigant and be ordered to pay attorney fees when she loses


file with the court a waiver.  You have a right to go to court, but you better be prepared to pay the price if you don't get the vaiver


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Must be related to Orly Taitz.

Paul Lucas
Paul Lucas

How do indigent people get fees waived? Thats the first time Ive ever heard of this one.

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