Mario Marin, Who Fought Congregants at Skater Church, Dies During Mental Health Tests

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Mario Marin, who was arrested Dec. 28 after fighting with churchgoers at City Lights Dream Center in Santa Ana, died while undergoing a mental health evaluation, authorities divulged a week after the 53-year-old homeless man's death.

When Santa Ana Police officers arrived that day, Marin was already pinned down by congregants of the skate park-equipped church at 1215 N. Ross St.

As cops tried to take Marin into custody, they say, he fought them off and screamed incoherently, leading to a tasering. He died shortly thereafter while undergoing a mental health evaluation at UCI Medical Center in Orange. The Orange County coroner plans to conduct an autopsy later this week to determine the cause of death.

City Lights Dream Center is known for its skate park behind the downtown Santa Ana church building converted from a vintage single-family home. Pastor Chris Swaim's nephew is pro skater Christian Hosoi.

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Sgt Martin
Sgt Martin

My guess is MI or CVA.  Hyper agitated people, As this man seemed to be usually have BP's through the roof.  Major Vaso costriction going on from adrenaline in the system.  If drugs were added to this equation along with a prior history of heart disease then it was just a matter of time.  Sad nonetheless.

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