Inadvertently Funny OC Courthouse Quote of the Day!

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Another virgin birth?
"He [the boyfriend] said, 'I didn't ejaculate' and she [the Anaheim high school junior] said, 'He didn't penetrate.' So it must not have been the best sex."

--Straight-faced Orange County defense lawyer Robert Viefhaus explaining in his closing argument this afternoon why his client, accused murderer Juana Perez Valencia of Anaheim, didn't know she was pregnant for nine months and was shocked when she gave birth to a 6.3-pound baby girl in a dirty bathroom inside a Stanton Mexican restaurant in Dec. 2009.

Homicide prosecutor Ebrahim Baytieh told the jury that Valencia, who had just turned 19 at the time of the birth and was attending Western High School, murdered her baby girl by strangulation, shoved the corpse in a plastic bag, tossed it in a Dumpster and, when caught, told Orange County Sheriff's Department investigator Daniel Salcedo that she thought she'd thrown away just a "ball" of blood that had emerged from her vagina.

But, as Baytieh noted, Valcenia--now 21--screwed up during her OCSD interview because she called that ball of blood a "her."


Viefhaus' version is that Valencia lied about the ball of blood rhetoric but might have accidentally killed her own baby during painful birth or that the baby died in the birth canal.

An Orange County jury will likely decide Valencia's fate this week inside Superior Court Judge Thomas M. Goethal's Santa Ana courtroom.

Go HERE to see previous coverage of her trial.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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If she isn't the poster child for forced sterilization, I don't know who is.


"...didn't know she was pregnant for nine months and was shocked when she gave birth to a 6.3-pound baby girl in.."

That one always trips me out...I didn't know I was 9 months pregnant?? As a female, believe me, you SHOULD KNOW when something is growing inside of you...if you can't feel that then there are many more problems to address.


Pendeja!!!! Nadamas son buenas para abril las patas, y luego andan con sus chingaderas


'He didn't penetrate.' 'I didn't ejaculate'

Dear GAWD.  She killed the 2nd coming of JESUS! 


Bad joke oc weekly

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