Rogelio Nava-Rivera Accused of Machete Attack

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Rogelio Nava-Rivera
Imagine pulling into your neighborhood Chevron station and seeing a guy with a machete hacking up a vehicle's hood, smashing the driver's and rear driver's side window and then turning the blade to the driver inside.

This happened at my neighborhood Chevron station Wednesday evening, and Costa Mesa Police say Rogelio Nava-Rivera was the man with the machete.

Juan Manuel Franco, 40, of Costa Mesa, recently separated from his wife, believes Nava-Rivera has been dating her and had confronted the man leading to a previous fistfight, according to police.

Around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, they spotted one another in the area of Fairview Road and Baker Street, and each pulled into the Chevron Gas Station at 3000 Fairview.

That is when, police say, Nava-Rivera got out of his vehicle and went all choppy-chop on the car, opened the driver's side door and went choppy-chop on Franco, who suffered deep cuts and a broken left arm. A piece of his leg sliced open thanks to trying to kick his attacker away, police say.

Nava-Rivera hopped back into his ride and drove north on Fairview, while Franco was treated at the scene by Costa Mesa Fire paramedics before being taken to Western Medical Center in Santa Ana with non-life-threatening injuries.

Costa Mesa detectives located Nava-Rivera around 11 a.m. Thursday, arresting him on suspicion of attempted homicide and allegedly recovering a two-foot machete from his vehicle. Nava-Rivera was jailed in lieu of $500,000 bail.

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mitch young
mitch young

The state will no doubt be picking up the victim's healthcare tab. Line cooks at Fashion Island  eateries typically don't have insurance.


I have narrowed down the location to the Coker Cave! 

Did you actually witness this? 

mitch young
mitch young

He probably instigated it -- the guys involved are probably his 'mow, blow (no, not that kind of blow), and go guy and the husband of his 'housekeeper'. 

Matthew T. Coker
Matthew T. Coker

I did not witness this, and it's a tree fort. Only The Snotheads down the street can afford a cave.

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