[UPDATED with Locks Stay:] John Williams Told to Stay Away from Public Administrator Office He Was Forced Out Of

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UPDATE, JAN. 30, 3:54 P.M.: Orange County Superior Court Judge William Monroe today denied former public administrator John Williams' request for a temporary restraining order aimed at getting him back into his county office.

In other words, the locks that were changed after Williams left his office last week remain.

The judge set a March 13 hearing to determine whether the county Board of Supervisors, which ordered the changing of the locks on Williams' office, properly removed the bumbling elected official.

Williams' own attorney testifies to his client's incompetence, confirming that he did send the board a letter of resignation. Williams later changed his mind, according to the mouthpiece.

UPDATE, JAN. 26, 11:50 A.M.: He may not know his way around Orange County's public administrator office but give bumblefuck John Williams credit for finding his attorney's shadowy lair. For that has allowed the incompecraut to have legal papers filed in his name which could lead to his un-retirement. An Orange County Superior Court judge is scheduled Monday morning to hear Williams' request that the county be forced to reinstate him as the county official who oversees the estates of those who left no heirs.

As reported in the original post below, Williams was assumed to have left the office Monday as per an agreement with the county Board of Supervisors. But he showed up for work anyway, so the County Counsel sent Williams a letter ordering him to stay away and the locks to his office were changed.

Voters first elected Williams the county's elected public administrator in 2003, and he most recently won another term, through January 2015, in 2010. The board traditionally appoints the public administrator the county's public guardian, which handles the affairs of the elderly and indigent who have no one else to care for them.

But the board and two grand jury reports have found Williams so utterly incompetent that a new manager was brought in to assume the public guardian role. When it comes to public administrator, which Williams proved most inept at, the board cannot legally remove him because he's an elected official. However, amid the political pressure he agreed last year he would step down as of Monday, and a second manager was brought in to serve as public administrator.

Now Williams is calling bullshit on that deal, claiming he never retired, the county is out of order--YOU'RE ALL OUT OF ORDER!--thus the writ of mandate filed to stop his removal. With any luck, he won't find the courthouse.

ORIGINAL POST, JAN. 25, 5:01 P.M.: Before Kimberly Edds left the Orange County Register for the even darker side--public affairs director of the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs--we'd admired from blog-far her coverage of John Williams' implosion as Orange County's public administrator/guardian, which oversee the indigent and the estates of the deceased with no heirs. After scathing rebukes by the grand jury and Board of Supervisors, Williams was stripped of the guardian role, and he agreed last year to leave his administrator office, which is managed by someone else anyway, by Monday. That apparently didn't happen.

The Voice of OC's Norberto Santana Jr. reports that Williams showed up to work, which prompted his receiving a letter from County Counsel Nicholas Chrisos:

The Board of Supervisors accepted your resignation as Public Administrator of Orange County effective January 23, 2012, upon receipt of your letter of March 9, 2011. . . . The Board has fulfilled its portion of the obligation. Therefore, the purported oral notice to the CEO and to me via your counsel that you desire to rescind your nine-month old resignation, is not effective. Your final salary check and any leave payout will be mailed to you at your address on file. The CEO will separately determine the need to retain your services as a consultant.

Incidentally, the board had approved changing the locks of what was supposed to be Williams' former office.

Todd Spitzer makes noise.
An interesting wrinkle to all this was a response to Santana's post from Todd Spitzer, who is campaigning to re-join the Board of Supes.

"Is this really a shocker that the disgraced, former, PA/PG John Williams would refuse to leave despite his written promise to resign effective Monday?" Spitzer writes. "He should have been walked out of the County once it completed its outside audit of his mismanagement practices, pension spiking and inflated salaries. The County had to replace the locks to keep John Williams out. Unbelievable. We have had Mike Carona, Chriss Street and now John Williams when the County is supposed to be more accountable."

Don't forget Mr. Bankruptcy hisself, Bob Citron.

Spitzer, of course, has a personal interest in this. He was fired from the district attorney's office after having the gall to call Williams on behalf of a crime victim. Spitzer's boss Tony Rackauckas deemed that contact inappropriate and canned Todd-o. Soap operas seem to be dying everywhere but downtown Santa Ana: Williams' No. 2 was Peggy Buff, T-Rack's fiancee at the time.

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Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

Why the heck would Kimberly Edds leave a reporting job with the OC Register (which is a wonderful service to the community) for a lame-ass public affairs gig with corrupt sheriffs? In public relations, you have to write good things about losers, whereas journalists uncover corruption and make the world a better place.

Go figure...


Is Buff still Tracks fiancee or did they get married? Also, WTF is it going to take to get a housecleaning at the county? So many instances of really bad behavior by public officials.


The same reason her predessesor left the Register to be the spokewoman for Orange County Employees Association - more money and a great retirement plan.  The County eventually gets tired of being laid out over the train tracks for its infidelities and mismanagement and gets rid of the reporter by offering them cush paying government jobs. 

Christopher Neal
Christopher Neal

Ahhhhhhhh... But much more fun to rake losers over coals.

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