Horrible Home For Sale Photo of the Day!

Snaps photos with tongue; nabs commission
In California, would-be Realtors have to pass an examination to obtain a valuable, state-issued license.

But there is no requirement that Realtors know a damn thing about activating a camera or taking a decent photograph.

This fact can have tragic, if hilarious, consequences for homeowners trying to sell their Orange County properties.

There were plenty of nominations but here is today's horrible home for sale photo of the day:

Horrible Home Pics 1-15-12.jpg
This photo is being used in hopes of selling an Orange County, CA home.
Click on the category heading "Horrible Home Pictures" to see previous winning photos!

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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I would suggest a mini fridge it makes me just a wee bit nervous having that Mayo sitting out on the desk/food prep station.. I'm just making a friendly suggestion ;) Maybe insulate one of the desk drawers making it a cold storage file for foods if you will.. ;)


The color scheme is ALL wrong.... Is that a shower in the corner?? Oh ,maybe it's where the pot bellied stove goes for these oh so long and cold SO CAL winter nights... However it does feature a very nice window for those warm sunny California rays to illuminate this little Gem that's for sale.... I'm digging' the office set up, the pull string is convienent for task lighting while working on all my Hollywood deals & contracts although I would have to center this make shift unit on the wall perhaps.. Hmmm although it appears they are currently using this office in a very creative way as a Dual Purpose.. Office/Kitchen Food Prep stationIt didn't say LOFT?? But I do see a ladder so I am in great hopes this is a would be LOFT dream ;)


it;s just my imagination running away with me. this is a job for all you diy people.


Where you see garbage, I see money.  $$$.


If this is in southern CA, where I live by the way, I probably couldn't even afford this one.


Sorry for the typo ~ it would allow me to put a space and period between "Food Prep Station" and the next sentence "It didn't say LOFT"?

I must say a little paint, some imagination, and a wrecking ball would make a vast improvement.... Cheerio Mates! Cheery,Cheery to all

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