Cacophony Society Inclusion in Santa Ana Art Walk Rings U.S. Homeland Security Alarm Bells

Is the ultimate arbiter of art and culture in the city of Santa Ana the federal Department of Homeland Security?

Seems to be so based on a recent letter Vicky Baxter, executive director of Downtown Incorporated of Santa Ana, sent to Reverend Al Ridenour of Cacophony Los Angeles, a scheduled participant in the Feb. 4 Art Walk at Grand Central Santa Ana.

"Today I received a call from Mike McCoy, Homeland Security who issues permits for events from the City, with concerns about the February Art Walk and the association with the Cacophony Society," begins Baxter's letter.

"He spent some time looking at the website and is concerned about what will be presented to the public because the City of Santa Ana is co-sponsor of the First Saturday Art Walks. He is asking for a detailed description of what will be presented to avoid any issues with public complaints or controversy. I did not anticipate this but he is right. We do co-host the First Saturday Art Walks with the City.

"Please send me the details of what is planned so we can inform Mike."

Cacophony Los Angeles is one of the Cacophony Society lodges in 36 U.S. cities and nine countries. Once again, that's the Cacophony Society, not the Communist Party or al Qaeda or FPMR or FARC or Al-Jihad or Zviadists or the Salafist Group for Call and Combat or Black September or Hezbollah or the IRA. It's not even Occupy Santa Ana or the Answer Coalition or the GOP or the Minutemen or those yahoos who throw out the name Virginia Dare like Chiclets.

The Cacophony Society, which began in 1986 as a spin-off of San Francisco's Suicide Club, describes itself as "a randomly gathered network of free spirits united in the pursuit of experiences beyond the pale of mainstream society." It's been described elsewhere as an unintended outgrowth of the Dada movement and the Situationists. Visit, and you'll discover, "You may already be a member."

So, by Homeland Security's reckoning, you may already be a terrorist? Or is this another witty Cacophony prank? Hmmm .  .  .

After all, as mischievous but harmless the Cacophony Society is, what could possibly have leather panties at Homeland Security in a bunch? Is it possible the feds see too much similarity between this Cacophony image . . .

And this?

La Figa blogger Lisa Derrick reached out to Homeland Security's McCoy for an explanation, as did we, also to no avail. But, rather than retreat in horror, Cacophony LA and the Cacophony Society responded to McCoy with an open letter that goes into excruciatingly delicious detail about what the group has in store for Santa Anans.

The letter follows after the break:

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