[UPDATED with Motive Revealed Online:] Dylan James Austin, 2011 OC Homicide No. 66: Quiet Park, Loud Commotion, Stabbing Death

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Jesse Shockey
UPDATE, JAN. 5, 4:50 P.M.: Police and prosecutors have not officially divulged what Jesse Shockey and Dylan James Austin were arguing about before 16-year-old Shockey allegedly stabbed 19-year-old Austin to death last month.

But Flickr has.

Dylan James Austin
The photo sharing site includes this item that claims Austin and Shockey fought in Huntington Beach's Lake View Park because the murder victim was upset the suspect and his crew had been tagging in Austin's nice neighborhood.

The disclosure has led to some back-and-forth (albeit spelling- and grammatically challenged) comments regarding graffiti vandals.

For instance:

BOSTON GEORGE 54: thiss graff shit's sweet like liqurishh, butt dangerous like syphilous .. keep your head rightt..graff or die.. REST IN PEACEE..

TheOneAndOnly523: Graff shit is wack to much stabings nd gettin killed for shit like why not just scrap or battle fuckin graff beef is really lame

Flosstronomous: Graf shits dangerous? Thats bullshit. Stabbed to death for telling some little faggot toys to stop hitting his neighborhood? Thats fucking bullshit. What happened to the art, now its all about who can pretend to be the hardest. Your all fucking losers if you cant show respect. And its that exact lack of respect that gives graf such a bad name in huntington. When are you toys gunna learn. Stabbing a boy just before he becomes a man is not part of graf. If thats graff, im out.

TheOneAndOnly523: Stabing and shoting shouldn't be part of graff and taking someones life ain't cool over this graff shit fuck all the lames and shoters and stabers what's the point?

Thrift store bandit: your actually right for once haha, fuck getting stabbed or killed for it, thats like stabbing a fool in art class just cause he doesnt like your drawing... taking random lives aint cool.

The Orange County District Attorney's office previously announced that--sweet like liqurishh or not--Shockey will be tried as an adult for murder.

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