Disney Okays Cast Member Beards

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First, it was mustaches. Then, exposed arms and legs.

And now, beards have finally gotten an accepting nod at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Learn more about the hairy faces you'll soon be seeing at Disneyland after the jump.

Disney has pretty strict rules when it comes to what they consider to be an "acceptable appearance" for their employees.


​In 2000, Disney finally allowed male Cast Members to sport mustaches. In 2010, female Cast Members got a break when Disney no longer required them to have their arms covered by sleeves or legs covered in pantyhose. 

Because, you know, no one wears pantyhose anymore. Do they even still make them? Remember when they'd come in a big plastic egg, like Mork from Ork?

Anyway, the latest freedom Disney has given Cast Members is the opportunity to grow a beard.

Today, the Walt Disney Company notified its employees that, starting on February 3, Cast Member facial hair will be allowed in the parks. Disney's strict dress code originally banned facial hair some 55 years ago.

However, Cast Member beards will still have to adhere to a few guidelines:

1. Neatly trimmed facial hair is fine as long as it is no longer than one-quarter of an inch. In related news, Disney is currently looking for a full-time beard measurer.

2. No soul patches! Understandable, seeing as how they're generally horrible whether they're in the parks or not.

3. No squirrels or other woodland creatures are allowed to live in a Cast Member's beard. Actually, I just made that one up, but I think it's a good rule to have regardless.

Unfortunately, Cast Members are still forbidden from having any visible tattoos. But what if someone had a tattoo in the shape of a beard?!? Whoa... I just blew my own mind.

So, just so we're all on the same page here, could a recently captured Ted Kaczynski work at Disneyland? 

No. Ah, but what about a Ted Kaczynski police sketch?

Yes! What about Jesus?


No. How about Enigma from the Jim Rose Circus?

Thumbnail image for beard_enigma.jpg
Highly doubtful. But that would be awesome. And finally, how about Rollie Fingers?

That's a hard call. He doesn't even have a beard, but that mustache is definitely longer than a quarter of an inch. To be honest, I think they'd give him a pass just because his mustache is so fucking sweet.

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How does Jorge feel about your comment on guideline 2?

mitch young
mitch young

What with the Disney provided 'domestic partners' benefits and the 'gay days', why do they need beards?

Bob Squalonero
Bob Squalonero

When I was in college back in the 1980's--when male, Disney employees could not have ANY facial hair whatsoever--the school I went to, was having its semi-annual, campus, career fair.  I recall the Disney representative had his booth right next to the one for the U.S. Army and their representatives..

I asked the Disney rep (within hearning distance of the Army reps) why male, Disney employees aren't allowed facial hair, when "The Man Himself", i.e., Walt Disney, sported a moustache.  His reply was to the effect that while Walt indeed had a "tache", male, Disney employees weren't allowed facial hair because Disney, Inc. wanted to uphold a "wholesome", "American", "Apple Pie" image for visitors of the Disney park, and Disney, Inc., in general.

My response to the Disney rep--and in front of the Army reps who were listening--was that I'd rather join the military than work for Disney, because while the military has regulations regarding appearance, at least I'm allowed to have a moustache (needless to say, the Army reps were laughing and the Disney rep--while trying to be a good sport about it--was red faced).

I was happy when Disney allowed its male employees to have moustaches, and I'm now glad they get to have beards as well (Heck, I'm glad they've relaxed their dress code, period!) Let's face it, it's now 2012, not 1955, when Disneyland originally opened.  And, while certain, "retro" styles that were fashionable in the 1950's may currently be in, society's fashion/style sense is constantly changing/evolving.  Therefore, organizations like Disney, need to keep up, even if they impose a certain amount of limits regarding employees' appearances.


Who is Jorge?


jorge garcia-he dates Justin's sister. jorge is sporting a soul patch now on Alcatraz


Never heard of him.

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