Chad Martin Jurjaks, "Fucking Mexicans" Attacker, Pleads Guilty to Hate Crimes

Chad Martin Jurjaks, a Costa Mesa white dude, pleaded guilty Thursday to yelling "Fucking Mexicans" as, without provocation, he punched a 42-year-old man and his 26-year-old nephew outside a 7-Eleven in his racially charged hometown last March. The counts the 31-year-old copped to were two felony counts of hate crime battery causing injury. With a sentencing enhancement that was originally filed alleging a prior strike conviction for criminal threats in 2006, Jurjaks was looking at up to seven years and four months in a state prison cell.

With the guilty plea, don't be surprised to see a lighter sentence when Jurjaks faces the judge Feb. 17 in Santa Ana.

The two victims, the older man's wife and his cousin--Hispanic all--were walking into the convenience store in Costa Mesa around 10:30 p.m. March 15, 2011, when they were approached by an obviously drunk Jurjaks yelling, "Fucking Mexicans!" Before they could respond, Jurjaks beat the head of the 42-year-old three times, then did the same once to his nephew while still yammering, "Fucking Mexicans!"

Boozy eventually walked away, and the family called 9-1-1. Costa Mesa Police officers arrested Jurjaks near the store.

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