44-Year-Old Man's Body Turns Up at Green Waste Site

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Having been referred to as human waste, I can sympathize with the former 44-year-old man from Artesia found in Rainbow Disposal's green waste transfer site in Huntington Beach Tuesday afternoon.

How he got there--beyond, hopefully, being first placed in the proper-colored bin dedicated to organic matter--is what's most on the mind of Huntington Beach Police detectives.

Employees of the facility at 17121 Nichols Lane discovered the body around 1:20 p.m. Tuesday, in a batch of green waste that came off a truck that arrived from Los Angeles County.

Police are withholding his name pending results from an autopsy today that will hopefully shed light on how the fellow passed.

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Thanks for writing such a great story. I really enjoyedreading about it and it will be a pleasure to come back and read more in thefuture. Thanks again!

 Webmaster of Motorola Baby Monitor


Think about it.  What does it cost to die?  $5,000 minimum for an ambulance ride, a cheap mortuary, and cremation?  Screw that.  Wrap 'em up in some cellophane and toss 'em in the bin.  Save a ton of money and it helps the environment.  I'm calling WIN/WIN!

Matthew T. Coker
Matthew T. Coker

Damn dirty apes! Oops, sorry, wrong Chuckie Heston flick.


As much as I personally embrace the idea of a "green burial", I think most people whose bodies are found in the trash didn't exactly die in a way that was on the "up and up" as they say. Hence, the necessary inquiries and subsequent "traditional" burial/cremation will occur. At least his family will know what became of him... :-(

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