¡Ask a Mexican! the Book Enters Second Printing!

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As I'm putting the final, final touches on my forthcoming Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America (out April 10!), I received some cool, unexpected news: my first book, ¡Ask a Mexican!, is entering its second printing!

The compilation of my column was first published in hardcover in 2007 and proved a best-seller, turning into its own best-selling paperback in 2008. Of course, we published a chingo of the latter, so I never expected a second run.

But gracias to pochos, college professors, and so many more, its popularity is necessitating a revisit to the printing press--my editor at Scribner tells me the new edition will appear in stores in March, just before the deluge that is Taco USA.

As for sales of my second book, Orange County: A Personal History? Let's just say Bob Dornan had better luck in his run against Dana Rohrabacher last decade...

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hey, i think i got a copy of your book in my happy meal!!

Dan Chmielewski
Dan Chmielewski

The first book was great! The second was good (but not for everyone especially those outside of the Orange Curtain; both worthy reads. Your third title has broad appeal. 

Still waiting for news on the TV series "Ask a Mexican" whcih should be in development.  If WifeSwap can survive this long, why not a TV version of it...the big question is who would play you in the series?

Dan Chmielewski
Dan Chmielewski

You need a new agent.  Try Mark Cuban's HDNet..if Girls Gone Wild is a major segment of programming, so can you.


Ask a mexican vs scantilly clad women? HHmmmm... which would be watched more? 

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