[UPDATED with Coroner's Injury Description Changed:] Andy Chau, 18, Found Dead Next to UCI Parking Structure

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​UPDATED, JAN. 25, 3:55 P.M.: The Orange County coroner changed its press release today to state that Chau "was found next to a parking structure." In its original injury description, the coroner stated that he "jumped from a parking structure." The investigation is still ongoing. 
ORIGINAL POST, JAN. 23, 1:00 P.M.: Just after midnight last night, students discovered a body on the road near the Social Sciences Parking Structure at UC Irvine. The Orange County coroner's office noted that "the decedent jumped from a parking structure" and identified the man as 18-year-old Andy Chau of Santa Ana. 

UCI spokesperson Cathy Lawhon told the Orange County Register that Chau was a freshman at UC San Diego who was visiting a friend. She added that "the preliminary determination is that it was a suicide." 

A friend made this video to remember Chau, writing that he "was the greatest person ever" and "in so many ways the perfect guy and the perfect friend." 

Others have posted their condolences on Twitter. 


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Gus Villalpando
Gus Villalpando

this is so very sad, my son is also 1 and knew Andy. Ican't begin to comprehend what it is that is so bad in life at that age to take you to such extremes. he seemed as a very friendly and outgoing person, and well liked. my most sincere sympathies to his family and friends. may he rest in peace!


Although it may seem insensitive, I hope we learn why he jumped. By learning why, it can help others identify issues with their friends. You will always hear that they never expected this from such a wonderful young man. 

I have a 22yo friend who jumped from a 6 story parking structure in Orange. He survived, spent several months in the hospital in a coma. I was one of the few people that wanted to learn why. He did it after seeing his ex at a party with another guy. He was a little high and had been drinking. His mother said that he was happy and smiling and said he loved her right before he went to bed. He took her keys later and drove to the parking structure and jumped. Fortunately someone saw him. 

Now all I ever do is keep reminding him that he can always call and I will never think less of him for whatever he has to say. He can cry, scream, yell, anything he needs to do if it will help him cope. 

I am so sorry for the pain and confusion his family and friends are going through. It is nobody's fault. Just be there for each other and know that there is always someone to talk to. We may not have all of the answers but we are here to listen as friends. 

Merage Student
Merage Student

I drive by the spot daily on my way to class at Merage and can't ignore the human condition that led Andy to "jump"...were there any witnesses? I often see individuals and groups gathering to view and reflect at the site where candles, flowers and a lixi are placed.  Was there a human story behind it that we could learn from, as family members and parents? I find OC news & media to be quick to report such acts, but under guise of privacy, the public learns very little else.  I feel there's more to the story that the public should know.  The warm sentiments shared provide some comfort.


Kevin -- Do you know if Kevin is Vietnamese or Chinese?  Do you know when/where his funeral?  Thank You --


His funeral is today at peak family cemetery

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