Jury Trial Set for Civil Suit Against TBN and Ex-Pastor Stephen Galiher, Who DWI'd a Man to His Death

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Galiher's prissy mug shot the day of the crime
You'll remember last year the disturbing story of Stephen Eugene Galiher, once a rising star in the Trinity Broadcasting Network universe, in charge of the televangelist powerhouse's Nashville-area theme park--that is, until crashing into a car on the 73 Freeway at 85 miles per hour while three times over the legal drinking limit. The victim in the crash, Vietnam veteran David Rhodes, survived but was left in such bad shape that he succumbed to pneumonia six months later.

Galiher pleaded guilty to to driving under the influence and causing injury and DUI over .08 BAC causing injury, both felonies--but escaped manslaughter charges. That doesn't mean his legal troubles are over--not by a long shot, and thank Jan Crouch's wig for that.

Just after his conviction, the family of Rhodes filed a wrongful death civil lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court against Galiher and TBN. The two devils, God curse their soul, have so far refused to settle, and so the case is now scheduled to go before a jury this coming April 16.

Depositions so far have been great--sources say Galiher admitted to getting sloshed at TBN head Paul Crouch, Sr.'s house before heading to the Island Hotel in Newport Beach for more drinking. REAL Godboy there, guys!

Further details to come once we go through the files...

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I meet  steven at the Tennesse church when I was broke. He showed no compasion for me. It was cold and snowing, when they ran me off the parking lot. I new that he wasnt a good man, then, and figured that TBN wasnt either. Its good to see the truth come out. dmastr59@yahoo.com  


who says that God doesn't work in mysterious ways? God worked his magic to ensure no charges were filed even though this pendejo killed one of HIS sheep. i guess indulgences do work after all.

by the way, when does Paul 'Crotch' Crouch get outed? that pendejo is way more flaming than the burning bush on Mt Sinai. i hate prosperity gospel motherfuckers. but it's the flock that wins the dunce hats.

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