Raul Barrientos in Court for Allegedly Raping Disabled Woman in Fullerton College Restroom

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You can imagine Raul Barrientos telling a lady, "Look into my bedroom eyes, liebchen, and I will take you places you've never been before."

But the Anaheim 22-year-old has a pre-trial hearing scheduled this morning tied to something more disgusting than that line: raping a young woman with severe mental and developmental disabilities in a Fullerton College bathroom.

Barrientos, who is being held in lieu of $1 million bail, entered a not guilty plea Oct. 19 to 11 felony counts related to this incident:

A man approached a 19-year-old woman who takes special education classes at Fullerton College and led her into a campus restroom stall. She has the developmental level of a 5 to 6-year-old child, wears leg braces on both legs, and has impaired speech. Over her cries, he forced her to blow him before raping and digitally penetrating her. She was on her period, and her blood was on his hands, clothing and penis.

After the incident was reported to campus security, Barrientos was suspected because he had allegedly creeped out another woman on campus before the incident. After a Fullerton Police investigation (I know ...), he was arrested.

Here are the charges filed by the Orange County District Attorney's office: one felony count each of kidnapping to commit a sexual offense, forcible rape, rape of an incompetent person, forcible oral copulation, oral copulation of an incompetent person, four felony counts of sexual penetration by foreign object by force, and sentencing enhancements for kidnapping likely to cause serious harm.

Conviction on all of those counts could send Barrientos and his bedroom eyes away to state prison for 150 years.

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That is creepy even by my standards. 


Human garbage! Filthy dog! No words for this...who does this to a helpless girl? Poor girl, I hope she can overcome the trauma. No prison term would be adequate punishment for this crime..he deserves much much worse.

Beatrice Harvey
Beatrice Harvey

Posted a million dollars bail, it should've been $50 million dollars, he'll never get out!

Beatrice Harvey
Beatrice Harvey

Where was the police when all this was happening?  I can't believe it! A severely disabled woman who has the mind of a 6yr. old was being raped in the girls bathroom, she cryed for help and no one heard her, what a shame! What is this world coming too? On top of that he penetrated her. Well his bedroom eyes should be shot out with a 50 magnum, it is disgusting and nasty, his penis should be cut off. He should be locked up and throw away the key.

Beatrice Harvey
Beatrice Harvey

In all my years as 58 yr. old woman this would be the worse of the worse, raul needs to be hanged by the balls and dumped into acid, for real! What person would do such a thing? He is a sick man no doubt. He forced her to give a blow job, she was crying prefusively nobody heard her? The poor girl was on her period on top of that, there was blood on his clothes, hands and his penis, what a monster! he needs to be decapitated and his penis. Is there a firing squad now? I want to get rid of him now! Can't stand the sight of him!

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