Protest Tomorrow In Honor Of Doug Zerby, Who Was Holding A Hose Nozzle When Long Beach PD Fatally Shot Him Last December

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Doug Zerby
Almost exactly a year after Long Beach police gunned down Doug Zerby, his supporters are gathering for a rally. 

On Dec. 12. 2010, officers shot Zerby, who they thought was armed, but was really just holding a hose nozzle. 

ANSWER LA is asking people to show up in downtown Long Beach tomorrow morning to remember Zerby, but also to cry out for a culture change within the department.

"A year has gone by and nothing has changed. As a matter of fact, the fact that those officers are getting away with the murder has allowed other officers to carry on in a violent matter with impunity," says Doug Kauffman, a spokesman for ANSWER LA.

Kauffman cites the officer-involved shooting of Ishmael Lopez in August as another example of the "trigger-happy" department.

People who want to protest should show up at 11 a.m. tomorrow at Lincoln Park, at the corner of West Broadway and Pacific Avenue, Kauffman says.

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