Organic Consumers Meet the Occupy Movement

As the Organic Consumers Association begins organizing for a planned November 2012 California ballot initiative that would require mandatory product labels for genetically engineered foods, the nonprofit is aligning itself with the Occupy movement.

Check out the passage we pulled from a letter to supporters from Ronnie Cummins, co-founder and national director of Organic Consumers Association.

The coming year promises to be a turning point for oganic food and farming, part of a larger world-changing turn toward democracy, health and sustainability. Organic Consumers, like 99 percent of American, are sick and tired of large corporations and indentured politicians--the 1 percent--dictating our food and farming choices and undermining our health, as well as the health of the planet. We're tired of factory farms and biotechnocrats lacing our food with genetically engineered bacteria and viruses, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and carcinogens. We're tired of sewage-sludge-contaminated farm land, food and poisoning epidemics, filthy and inhumane factory farms, and last but not least, Washington bureaucrats taking billions of our hard-earned tax dollars and subsidizing corporate agribusiness. It's time for a change. A Big Change.

That last bit, about the Washington bureaucrats taking billions of our hard-earned tax dollars, might be where Organic Occupiers and teabaggers can find common ground . . . down on the farm.  

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They should also align themselves against child labor.  Victoria's Secret organic cotton is farmed by children in Africa.  How gross is that?


But wouldn't we starve without factory farms? 


No.  Please study organic gardening, square foot gardening, bio-intensive gardening, and container and vertical gardening.   We DON'T NEED factory farms in a sense of products insecticide-ridden, genetically modified meat, fruits and veggies.  Most of that can be done on a local scale, but doesn't have the government subsidies.  Many apartment dwellers are growing many of their most expensive vegetables to avoid the food costs in many stores.

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