Lydia Delrio Montelongo, LA Airport Cop's Wife, Cops to Falsely Claiming She Was Divorced and Taking $118,000 in Public Assistance

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A Fullerton woman is spending nine months in jail, serving five years of probation and paying $118,000 in restitution after pleading guilty to having received that much in public assistance while falsely claiming she was divorced and not financially supported by her husband, a Los Angeles Airport Police Department officer. Lydia Delrio Montelongo copped this week to one felony count of medical insurance fraud with a sentencing enhancement for white collar crime over $100,000.

If Montelongo fails to live up to the conditions of her sentence imposed Wednesday, she could spend up to six years in state prison. She was married, unemployed, living with her husband, financially supported by him and covered by his medical insurance policy at the time of her crimes, according to the Orange County District Attorney's office.

The OCDA presented evidence that:

  • beginning in December 2004, she applied for and illegally accepted social security benefits from the Social Security Administration, for which she did not qualify;

  • beginning in June 2005, she applied for and illegally accepted Medi-Cal benefits, for which she did not qualify;

  • beginning in June 2008, she applied for and illegally accepted social services benefits through In-Home Support Services from the Orange County Social Services Agency.

Montelongo not only falsely claimed she was divorced when she was not, she claimed she did not know her husband's whereabouts while she was actually living with him, according to the OCDA. No evidence was uncovered that her husband knew about the fraud.

Her deceit ended when law enforcement received an anonymous top about her.

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is this scam artist pendeja related to that other real estate scam artist pendejo, armando montelengo?i wonder if she opposes universal healthcare. 


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mark tarte
mark tarte

So in other words, the officer had nothing to do with her deceit yet the OC Weekly writes headlines to imply he is somehow involved?  Question, if he had been a plumber, would his employment factor into the headline? 


She should have to "work" it off, $1 at a time as a prop in a donkey show.


"Her deceit ended when law enforcement received an anonymous top about her."

Those damned anonymous tops get yah every time. 

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