Merry Christmas/Happy Hannukah/Kwazy Kwanzaa/Tip-Top Tet/Solemn, Dignified Ramadan from OC Weekly

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Dave Mau, bartender extraordinaire, spreading the Chrismas, gimme a Manhattan up!
The headline for this post, of course, comes from the Simpsons, but we mean it--we thereby declare a Christmas truce for the weekend, in which any posts put up will be happy puppies or cute kitties. Maybe Tom and Jerry, too! Enjoy your holiday with your crew, don't drink and drive, and remember: the best tamales are those at the bottom, and the best latkes come crispy.

In that spirit, we sent out our video crew to the Huntington Beach pier to ask people a couple of holiday-related questions. Enjoy, and truce over Monday!

Here ya go...

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pretty sure that's your fantasy. Santa hats are unisex last time I checked.


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pretty sure the male host is wearing a ladies Santa hat :-) Dianabol

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