Kobe Bryant: The New Tiger Woods?

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When Kobe Bryant was busted for infidelity in 2003, we remarked that he had accomplished yet another feat of the NBA great whose shadow has always been cast over Black Mamba, Michael Jordan.

Jordan's infidelity led to a divorce from his wife, but before making the same case again given Bryant's recent split with the former Vanessa Laine of Huntington Beach, it's starting to appear as if Kobe will instead topple the reign of sleaze of another multi-millionaire professional athlete with strong Orange County ties.

Got Tiger by the tail?
Remember when ladies of varying skank-titude came out of the woodwork to claim Cypress-born golfing phenom Tiger Woods used his stiff shaft on them? We lost count after about 30.

Well, two women have been named as extra-marital flings of Bryant's. The first name to surface as the possible "irreconcilable difference" in the looming divorce was Jessica Burciaga, a Playboy playmate who denied the mistress reports on her Twitter page. Next came the name of Carla DiBello, a friend of Kim Kardashian and a producer of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Jessica Burciaga: Not me
We're still not in Tiger territory with that pair. But we are with a National Enquirer report claiming that over the Bryants' 10-year marriage, the Newport Coast guard has gone hard to the hole of 10 women a year.

(Make that, formerly of Newport Coast. While Bryant owns pads up there pending a final divorce settlement, he has reportedly moved out and, perhaps, onto Lakers coach Mike Brown's couch in Anaheim Hills.)

Maybe Kobe hasn't been gunning for Jordan all these years but Wilt Chamberlain.

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Only 100 booty calls in 10 years?!?? More of a piker than a pimp


Why are the women who made no vows and owed the wives nothing called  skanks but the men who were unfaithfull and lied and broke their vows to their wives called at worst a sleaze, that is so typical ​


Now that dude is like totally and completely rocking. Wow.

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Because they are gold-diggers.  I'm sure they are the same groupies that wait at the hotel after ALL professional games. 

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