Kelly Thomas Killing Befuddles The Orange County Register Newsroom

Register: You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll be spoon-fed the official police version!
There's no doubt that Fullerton police officers killed Kelly Thomas last July in an outrageous incident that provoked international focus on police brutality in Orange County.

I'm focusing on the word "killed" because that has been the obvious fact from the outset and some folks in the mainstream media--Hello, Orange County Register!--oddly continue to resist writing the plain, simple truth.

Thomas didn't accidentally trip, fall and crack his own face off while standing near sweet, kind, emotionally-stable, non-asshole cops, who did everything they could to save his life. He didn't get a running start, sprint and ram his head into stationary police weapons. He didn't die because of a self-induced drug or alcohol overdose. A tree didn't land on his head. He didn't choke on a mint. A stray bullet didn't find him. A motorist didn't leave the road and run him over on the sidewalk.

Fullerton police surrounded an unarmed Thomas, taunted him like hoodlums and then stole his life with their fists and weapons.

Surely, by now we can all agree that the news here was a killing, not an "altercation," the word the Register loves to employ.

Earl, are you scared? Yeah, Billy Bob. Let's beat off his face and crush his throat.
Okay, Grand Avenue note takers, you don't have to accept my word for it. Ask Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackaucaks, who, on Sept. 22, filed second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter and excessive force charges against two of the cops. Or, perhaps, read the Sept. 21 coroner's report that proves the cop-inflicted injuries savagely killed Thomas.

You might be able to ignore (though I wouldn't) the Register's cop-friendly descriptions of the killing prior to Sept. 21, but not afterwards.

Get a load of this steaming factoid: Even the cops involved don't deny they killed Thomas. They claim they were justified in killing him because--please note the uniformity between the Register and the cops--of an "altercation" in which all six, heavily-armed cops were--cough, cough--terribly frightened for their lives by the scrawny, 130-pound Thomas and needed to--cough,cough--inflict fatal damage to protect themselves.

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