Kate Sikorski, Artist Behind 'Burkini Surf Project,' Will Display Some Of Her Pieces At A Long Beach Gallery Sunday

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An Orange County native meshed her three passions -- surfing, art and other cultures -- to create an exhibition that will be on display starting Sunday at the Max L. Gatov Gallery on Cal State Long Beach's campus. 

Kate Sikorski is an MFA candidate in drawing and painting at Cal State Long Beach and the mind behind the exhibit, called "Uninhibited." It's a series of images of local female surfers and long boarders drawn onto pieces of salvaged wood that Sikorski collected from around Orange County, according to a press release about the exhibition on Surfline.com. 

Muslim women who surf intrigue Sikroski. In fact, they're the inspiration behind another project she's working on, called "Burkini Surf Project."

She plans to host a one-day surf camp for local Muslim women, where she can take photos and jot down drawings to use as inspiration for forthcoming art projects.

In a video on her Kickstarter site page, where she is raising money for the project, Sikorski says she was inspired to do an art project on female, Muslim surfers because she's never seen one done before. In the video, Sikorski says she plans to show the women surfing and "wearing special outfits designed to conceal and preserve their modesty." 

The "Uninhibited" exhibit opens Sunday at 5 p.m. and goes until 7 p.m. The gallery will also be open from noon to 5 p.m. on Monday through Thursday. The Gatov Gallery is on E. Campus Drive off of Seventh Street in Long Beach.

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"pieces of salvaged wood that Sikorski collected from around Orange County"

Just curious, where does she find discarded/salvaged wood?  Been thinking about making my own floors. 

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