Fullertonians Plan To Read Weekly's Cover Story About Their Police Department's Culture of Violence At Tomorrow's Council Meeting

The Friends For Fullerton's Future blog is asking people to show up to tomorrow's city council meeting with a copy of the OCWeekly in hand.

In the FFFF blog post, they ask people to be there for the public comment portion of the meeting, where they will "read into record," the recent Weekly cover story detailing the Fullerton Police Department's culture of corruption and violence.

Since there is a three-minute limit per person during the public comment section, each person will pick up reading where the last person left off, the blog suggests.

FFFF has been the leading force in a move to recall Mayor F. Dick Jones and councilmen Pat McKinley and Don Bankhead, both of whom served on the city's police force in the past. 

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You really should list the time and location of this meeting, it's not available to interested locals.


I'm going. When it's my part to speak I will announce c-c-c-combo breaker

Marisa Gerber
Marisa Gerber

The meeting starts at 6:30 at city hall, 303 W. Commonwealth in Fullerton. 

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