Four Santa Ana Occupiers Face Judge

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Kevin Liu
Before Occupiers from Santa Ana were getting arrested in Los Angeles, they were getting Santa Ana. Yesterday, the Orange County Register reported that four defendants--Timothy Craven, Anthony Velloza, Shay Palmer and Sam Aresheh, all arrested on Oct. 22--went before Orange County Superior Court Commissioner James S. Odriozola to answer the charges that they violated the city's no-camping ordinance.
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Kevin Liu
Anthony Velloza at an October 22 Protest

The arraignment was carried over and the defendants have been ordered to return to court in January. According to the Reg, Santa Ana City Attorney Melissa M. Crosthwaite asked Commissioner Odriozola for more time, saying parties intended to "work it out."

Anthony Velloza told the Register, "I don't think they want to push the ordinance. It's a First Amendment issue."

Fellow Occupier Sam Aresheh told the Weekly that although the four were attempting to exercise free speech, this case has implications that go beyond the first amendment. "To me, this is an anti homeless law. There's not enough beds at shelters for all the homeless people in the civic center. The whole law's a contradiction," said Aresheh.

Occupiers brought attention to the city's hypocrisy when they went before the city council in November in an attempt win the right to use camping gear for a prolonged protest of corporate and banking greed. The council denied Occupiers the right to use such equipment despite the tribes of homeless people using the civic center's Walk of Honor as their primary address. Folks concealed by blankets and tarps are seen sleeping nightly along the Walk's benches, exposed to the elements.

Outside the court, City Attorney Crosthwaite told reporters "The Ordinance is enforced against everyone," adding that she regularly prosecutes such cases every month."

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An Open Letter to “Occupy-sters” Hi Occupy,  I hope you are well, showered, washed up, scrubbed, shaven and have put on deodorant now that your camps have been removed and you are back in your mom’s basement.  The vacation is over.  Occupy is dead. I keep wondering what you are 99% of?  I know that you don’t represent me and I’m not a fat-cat banker, a Wall Street person or generally a person who cares about pot.   Are you the 99% of the unemployed who don’t want their benefits to run out because you really don’t want to have to get a job and the government handout of my hard earned tax dollars are much easier and much more fun than working? Are you the 99% of the pot smoking, Wii playing, brownie munching dope heads whom all have “medical issues” like addiction to illegal substances from drug pushers hiding behind a green cross?  You know, the ones getting illegal weed from the drug cartels in Mexico whom you help fund, that kill people by the thousands indiscriminately and generally make Mexico a toilet of a country. Are you the 99% of career students who suck money out of the system, money that I’ve been taxed over 66% of my income to support among other hogwash, only to stay a student until you can get your teaching credential or other degree 20 years later so you get one of those great, high paying, government jobs with amazing pensions and benefits and continue to wallow in the trough of my hard earned dollars stolen from me by a bloated government? Are you the 99% of union idiots that make $72 an hour working for the City of Orange as a Maintenance Supervisor who can’t spell the word “question” without the use of the letter J (this really happened) and demand more and more benefits, job security and pension so you can sit on your ass all day and do nothing, while making more than my over educated attorney wife? Or are you the 99% of lazy loafers who expect the world to hand them the world on a string because they spent a year at junior college working on a degree in hacky sack and protest guitar songs and produce nothing of value in their output other than flatulence after eating Chronic Tacos? How about this 99%, why don’t you get off of your ass and get a job, create a company or become productive in some way shape or form?  As I watch another year of 66%+ of my income go away via taxes for stupid programs, extended unemployment for loafers and college degrees for illegal immigrants (all people who pay no income taxes), I’m tired of it.  Stop sucking off of my hind teet.  I work hard, bring home little money, employ five people and match their fucking taxes for the state of Crapifornia and don’t qualify for unemployment insurance because I actually employ people.  I’m tired of giving you my money.  You don’t deserve it.  You don’t DESERVE anything.  Try earning it for a change, like the rest of us. So pack up your tents, your pachulie, your hacky sack, your guitar, your crappy beard, beanie and Birkenstocks and go to hell.  You are 99% of the problem with this country and you don’t have a right to camp on MY public property.  You can assemble all you want, but get your shit off of my lawn. Signed, John Workinghardtosupportmine


Ufa.  Sam Aresheh buy a clue.  The homeless will always be there regardless of how many shelters you build. 


The vast majority of the 1% enjoy a little reefer now and again. 

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