Dana Rohrabacher Calls For National Unity Before Issuing Bitter, Conspiracy Screed

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Dana and Tom: Chickenhawks?
Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has never been known for consistency, coherence or celebrating community--unless he's playing a banjo, wiping Frito crumbs from his plump jowl and screaming a song at a redneck convention in Garden Grove.

But on Dec. 28, Rohrabacher posted this rare, happy thought on Twitter: "We are all in this together. United States of America is US . . . us of America!

Okay, who slipped the Ecstacy pill into the 12-term, Republican congressman's prune juice?

Perhaps it wasn't a feel-good drug but hard liquor that inspired his positive words. If so, the booze soon returned Rohrabacher to his usual, squawking self.


Just hours after laughably posing as as emotionally-stable statesman, Rohrabacher--who evaded all Vietnam War military duty but became a feverish chickenhawk when he landed in Congress--reappeared.

He posted a Twitter rant about a liberal media conspiracy, Ted Kennedy's "killer lifestyle"--presumably a ham-fisted reference to the 1969 death of Mary Jo Kopechne, Bill Clinton's "sexual assaults" and Clarence Thomas getting "lynched" just for telling a "dirty joke."

Uh, Dana, ponder this paradox after you gulp another shot of Tequila: If, as you allege, the media conspired to keep the public in the dark about Kennedy and Clinton, what medium made sure that everybody on the planet knew about their pathetic transgressions?

Fantasy Island
Or this: Why have mainstream media reporters ignored all of your carefully manufactured lies about your life?

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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He is still waaaaay better then that piece of shit Sanchez...

mitch young
mitch young

Needless to say, I like Rohrabacher, policy-wise and from his somewhat bumbling demeanor. But this is laugh out loud funny.

 I don't get the need to 'bold' every third word, especially when they aren't links or tags or anything.


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can we find a way to limitand confine this imbecile's rule only to his neo-nazi HB fiefdom?


he is in mourningrecalling all his taliban buddies who got killed by obama and nato in 2011


If you don't like him and HB, then enjoy not visiting.  I am sure Santa Ana would love your business.

mitch young
mitch young

It's not sporting to 'like' your own sockpuppet's comments.

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