Fullerton Has New Acting Police Chief: Dan Hughes

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Fullerton has a new acting police chief. KABC-TV-7 just reported that effective Jan. 3, Capt. Dan Hughes of the department's patrol division will replace current acting Chief Kevin Hamilton. Both men have been picked to fill the spot vacated by Chief Michael Sellers, who went on medical leave in the aftermath of the Kelly Thomas scandal. Hamilton is said to be preparing to retire.

Fullertonchamber.com explains Hughes is a 28-year veteran of the department who joined FPD in 1983 as a cadet and became an officer in 1985. 

No slouches when it comes to public relations, the Chamber offers some choice quotes from Hughes, who says he is looking forward to his new role. "I firmly believe the men and women of the Fullerton Police Department are some of the best law enforcement officers in Southern California," he says.

In his defense, at least he didn't say the world. 

Such an insider's perspective flies in the face of typical sentiments offered up by community members, who frequently use words such as "rogue" and "rotten to the core" to describe the blighted department. 

Hughes is reportedly considering the formation of a community advisory committee to the chief aimed at "working on improving community trust and confidence in their police department." 

God speed.

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Meet the new boss same as the old boss! Wouldnt trust him as far as i could throw him. True example of a lazy city council and city manager. A murder happened on his watch! That should disqualify you in a normal world. It starts at the top. Outside appointment is the only thing that could salvage that PD at all. And they just kick the can down the road.Spit!

Paul Hertz
Paul Hertz

I disagree with Nordell.  You had the city council and police "over the barrel".  You chose to not sue Fullerton PD for a major mistake that could have easily cost lives in your family.  In return it took the Fullerton PD ONE YEAR to get around to apologizing to you after they tried to cover up the situation.Now you are supporting the new acting chief and former Captain.  However, he was in charge of the men who did the cover up in your case and the K. Thomas fiasco and you think its good for Fullerton to appoint him as chief?  How about the sexual harassment of women in the back seat of a Fullerton PD  police car..... cost the city $350,000 cash.  Policeman is still collecting pay.  How about the policewoman who stole an ipad at the Tampa airport.  Still on the job!  You are a toadie for the police because they kissed your butt to save having to pay out many thousands of dollars to your family!  By the way, they are still all on the job, no demotions, nothing!

Robyn Nordell
Robyn Nordell

I’ve been following the FPD  closely since Oct 2010, when our family wasthe victim of a mistaken narc raid- cops were supposed to be next door.(Incident was initially handled poorly, but resolved well eventually, withpositive policy change.) I’ve had numerous personal interactions with DanHughes and have watched him closely with others.  Dan Hughes is well-qualified for the positionof acting police chief and is respected and trusted by many in the community,including some of the protesters with whom he has had repeated interactions.He’s got great people skills and consistently has made himself available to thepublic at the protests, at the city council meetings, in the community... Ithink this is a good move for Fullerton.

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