Chris Myers, GOP Mayor Said to Have Hooked Up with Male Hooker in Newport Hotel, Resigns

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Remember that New Jersey mayor Moxley wrote about a couple months ago, the one who was married, with children and a rising GOP star before a male hooker claimed the politician hired him for an illicit, $500 rendezvous inside a Newport Beach hotel?

Come now, surely you recall Medford's Chris Myers sprawled across a bed in his Calvins.

Yeah, THAT Chris Myers. He's resigned his office.

Here's Moxley's original post:

In an anonymous web post (since taken down) titled, "NJ Medford Mayor Christopher Myers Hired Me From I Got Were Lies & Broken Promises!!!" the unidentified homosexual prostitute claimed that Myers, ahem, stiffed him on promised gifts--including a BMW--after their alleged October 2010 tryst at the room 472 at the Fairmont Newport Beach.

Chris Myers: stiffed?
Though the post disappeared, an accompanying photo of Myers survived--and quickly spread around. Myers at first claimed the photo was doctored. Then he refused to confirm or deny the allegations to reporters covering the town 20 miles east of Philadelphia. At a Medford Town Council meeting in November, he offered his first on-the-record denial while calling the Internet "a murky, anonymous place."

But his council colleagues confirmed the stories swirling around Myers made it difficult to do city business. He resigned Monday through a letter to the town's clerk and manager that cited his "many achievements during my tenure."

"At this time, I feel it's time to pass the baton, and allow others to take the reins and lead our town forward," he concludes the letter. "My work commitments will not allow me to devote the time that is needed in the months ahead. That is why, today, I am resigning from the Medford Township Council, effective immediately."

If only he'd written he was quitting to spend more time traveling.

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I'd do it with him for $500 -  if the lights are out.

Jack Grimshaw
Jack Grimshaw

Gisele Bundchen made $45 million last year. I wonder how much the Calvin Klein people'd pay Porky to NOT wear their gear?


he's gop so he probably thought the odds were good in newportbachmann's husband will pray for him


why must the liberal media continue to attack such a family values, God-fearing GOP gentleman? it is obvious that he was set up by the Obama administration. 'cum' on, good conservative people, stand up and rise against this outrage!


To his credit though Mayor Myers did pony up his hooker’s consultation fee of $500. Which is to say Mr Myers is not completely bereft of integrity. Then again why should one be the wiser what Mayor Myers does in his closet if it wasn't affecting how public policy was getting done, assuming one gets over the hurdle of Mayor Myers being other than what he has strenuously campaigned he was- a straight family man shooter.

But let's all admit those low hung Calvin Klein underwear pants did look good on Mayor Chris Myers...


Nah, we still revel in the fact that Bill Clinton used an intern as a humidor... 

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