OC Pioneers Who Were Klan Members: Frederick Bastady, Buena Park Citrus Rancher/School Board Member

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Out in the Central Valley town of Lindsay, Bastady Ranches continues the family's century-long tradition of growing oranges. They've been there since 1955, since Emanuel Bastady moved the family business from Buena Park, a business he inherited from his uncle Frederick, a child of Swiss immigrants.

"Held in high esteem as a useful and progressive member of his community," according to Samuel Armor's always entertaining collection of self-penned mug-shot bios, Bastady was the epitome of small-town Orange County virtue, serving as president of the chamber of commerce and also sitting on the local school board.

And, of course, Bastady was a Klan member.

Bastady seems to be one of the few people of immigrant stock to have joined the Klan in OC during the 1920s, but it makes sense--Swiss were considered "white," as opposed to Southern Europeans and European Catholics at the time. So perhaps we can call Bastady the Lupe Moreno of his day, a man whom, once he got his in this great land, joined the classic tradition of spitting on the newcomers who arrived? Of course we can!

I will leave the irony of Bastady's heirs relying on cheap immigrant labor for their riches to other commentators...

Tune in every Monday around 5 p.m. for the latest entry exposing Orange County city fathers who were Klan members!

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Have I now officially commented on every one of these? 

peter sparks
peter sparks

What is your point gastavo? Tune in next week for more meandering through history.

mitch young
mitch young

"Swiss were considered "white," as opposed to Southern Europeans and European Catholics at the time. "

Yeah, Joe DiMaggio got his start in the Negro Leagues. 


WOP, negro it's all the same, thus, the despise by anglo-pendejos.


So far all you have shown is that these Klansmen were members of a social and group discount club - did they commit any crimes - was any kind of violence associated with these bad boys?


Of course they are, but nice to see you apologize for the apologists!


Nobody is apologizing for the Klan in this string.  I do see that being a member of a hate organization (like the KKK or like MEChA) is an issue all in itself.  

Keep up the hate, homie!  Keep using the argument "It's okay if Chicanos promote hate because Whitey did it first!"


Only in Orange County can you have a Catholic married to a Mexican be an apologist for the Klan...pathetic pendejo...

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