Will Saddleback Church Snap Up Albert Pujols, Christianity's Biggest Free Agent?

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Warren and Pujols: A Murderer's Row for Christ?
Going off what Coker posted yesterday about Christians looking toward new Anaheim Angels slugger Albert Pujols to bring a bunch of Papist Mexis in la naranja toward Christ, the question then becomes: what local church will Pujols sign up for as his new home base?

Will he join Templo Calvario, the nation's largest bilingual church? Save another struggling franchise and go to the Crystal Cathedral? Drink the Kool-Aid and go Calvary Chapel? Get too swayed by his newfound riches and attend Mariners?

Pujols is a Baptist by denomination, a longtime congregant of West County Community Church in a St. Louis suburb. That church is part of the Missouri Baptist Convention, which is the state's group for churches associated with the Southern Baptist Convention. Old-school Baptists used to have much bigger sway in Orange County during the 1950s and 1960s, before the rise of Calvary Chapel and the Crystal Cathedral, with one grand, huge exception: Saddleback Church and its Purpose-Driven® pastor, Rick Warren.

I don't believe the paths of the two mega-philanthropists have yet to cross, but Warren is already making recruiting overtures to Pujols via Twitter:



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