[UPDATED With Woman Identified:] Cal State Long Beach Fatal Elevator Accident Launches Investigation

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UPDATE, DEC. 7, 5:56 P.M.: The employee who died in the elevator accident this morning has been identified as 48-year-old Annette Lujan, according to a Daily 49er story. The story says she worked in the Office of University Research at the Foundation, where the accident happened, for nine years.

UPDATE, DEC. 7, 2:02 P.M.: Toni Beron, a campus spokeswoman, confirmed that the woman  found dead in the elevator shaft was a university employee. 

The woman tried to get out of the elevator, Beron says, but it kept moving and she was smashed between the elevator's floor and shaft. Someone witnessed the accident and immediately called for assistance, Beron says.  When the fire department arrived to the Foundation Building, however, the woman had already died.

The Daily 49er reports that it took the Urban Search and Rescue Team about 15 minutes to hoist the elevator off of the woman, who hasn't been identified yet.

ORIGINAL POST, DEC. 7, 11:09 A.M.: Officials at Cal State Long Beach have confirmed that someone died in an accident on campus today, but details are still scant. 

Ken Swisher, a campus spokesman, says officials are in the process of "gathering some information" before they release a statement to the media.

The Daily 49er, the campus newspaper, tweeted an hour ago that the victim was a woman and that the accident was the result of an elevator malfunction. 

The campus sent out a text alert and email to students earlier. Read the email after the jump:

"Dear Campus Community: 
I am very sad to inform you that this morning, due to an unfortunate incident at the Foundation Building, a member of our campus community has died. At this time, we are notifying family members and a complete investigation involving University Police and the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office has been initiated. The university has endured a terrible tragedy today. I know all of us extend our deepest condolences to the victim's family, friends and co-workers. A counselor with the Employee Assistance Program is available for employees. They can contact Corrie O'Toole at 562/985-7434. 
Mary Stephens 
Vice President, Administration and Finance"

Check back for an update.

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thats so sad& i feel so sorry for her family :( 


never using one again!


long beaches elevators are always sketchy... i bet i know exsactly which one ot was...


Wow. I expected this to be a mishap while doing maintenance or something but damn that's very sad. Elevator malfunction hmmmmmm.

Bill T.
Bill T.

Stairs are good. People will go to ludicrous measures to avoid any level of exercise. FSM told me that they're inventions of an invention of his imagination.

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